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RIP website designers

Here are a few new AI UI Design tools, that will flip the industry upside down.


1. 🔅 Introducing Genius, your AI design companion in
@figma by @diagram

It understands what you’re designing and makes suggestions that autocomplete your design using components from your design system.

Genius is coming soon. Join the waitlist →

2. Generative AI takes a big step and comes to user interface design!

@Galileo_AI by @helnzhou & @arnaudai

Early access: https://t.co/GbAkBhLVE6

3. The secret is out 👀

Generate a multi-screen UI design from a single prompt with @uizard Autodesigner.

Want to be the first to try Uizard's new, groundbreaking technology? Head to https://t.co/Ek5YWjXhfM to sign up for exclusive access.

✨ coming soon ✨
Best of @thedefiedge Alpha threads, all in one place 🔥

I collected all the most valuable @thedefiedge's threads from over 6000 tweets, so you don't have to

🧵 👇

Most Common Styles of Crypto

How to Learn More

How to Become a Successful

Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Become a Better Crypto
ChatGPT is the future.

But most people are stuck on beginner-level.

Here's a thread of 75 ChatGPT threads to make you an expert in 3 days:

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10 curated

10 more curated

Yes, another 10 threads on

We're not stopping, here's 14 more
Many of next cycle's top performers haven't been released yet.

These projects have potential to 50-100x next bull run.

The next $SOL or $MATIC could be sitting right in front of you.

🧵: Here are the top 13 unreleased projects I'm most looking forward to. 👇

In this thread, I'll break down my favourite unreleased layer 1s, layer 2s, interoperability protocols and dApps that I've got my eye on for next cycle.

At the end, I'll give you 4 steps to take advantage, as none of these projects have tokens *yet*.

Let's dive in!

-- LAYER 1s --

1. @SuiNetwork

Sui is a high performance L1 which uses the Move programming language.

It was founded by former FaceBook engineers, who worked on the now defunct Diem project.

Here's all you need to know:

Some view it as superior to its relative, Aptos - which also uses Move.

Move's benefits (memory, speed of testing, expressiveness) vs other languages like Solidity make it a compelling proposition.

Sui's high throughput + low latency are its major selling points.

2. @SeiNetwork

Sei is built on Cosmos, and is the first sector-specific L1 blockchain, specialised for trading to "give exchanges an unfair advantage".

It is the first order-book-focused L1 blockchain, designed to be faster and more reliable than other types of blockchains.
ChatGPT is a FREE money-minting machine.

Leverage it right, and you'll be miles ahead of the rest.

Here are 11 threads that'll accelerate your growth:

Save thousands of marketing

10 mindblowing things you can

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