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A Twitter audience is a massive asset.

I've added 37,196 followers in just 14 weeks.

Here are the 7 simple things I did:


1/ Built my publishing habit

In late October, I committed to publishing daily on Twitter.

I started with a "Happy {Day} to X" Tweet each AM.

I had 2 simple goals:

1. Build a habit of posting each day.
2. Put my name & face in front of people

2/ An educational tweet each PM

Each afternoon, I share a lesson from my solopreneur journey.

Topics include:

- Audience growth
- Service businesses
- Building info products
- Using social media effectively

I pretend I'm writing to help ONE

3/ A step-by-step thread once weekly

Weekly threads power my growth.

I gained thousands of followers by sharing detailed threads.

My goal is to walk someone step-by-step through something critical in

4/ Engage with 5-8 interesting people each week

Make it a habit to build connections.

Here are some smart folks I've chatted with, just to jam out:


It's "social" media.
Twitter is free university.

But only if you follow the right people.

Here's a list of 20 people you must follow:

Aadit Sheth (@aaditsh)

Aadit deconstructs how the top 1% play the game of business and life.

My favorite

Codie Sanchez (@Codie_Sanchez)

Codie dives into contrarian thoughts & cash flow to financial freedom.

My favorite

Trung Phan (@TrungTPhan)

Trung shares many insightful insights, among which he writes threads on how the world's largest companies use psychological hacks to get people to spend money.

My favorite

Ana Lorena Fabrega (@anafabrega11)

Ana is a former teacher who writes on mental models, gamification, decision making, and new ways to learn.

My favorite