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9 AI tools so useful it feels like you have your own team of interns.

1. @supernormalapp

Takes detailed notes and transcribes meetings without you lifting a finger.


- Connect your GMeet/Zoom account
- It takes notes for you

2. ChatGPT by @OpenAI

AI bot capable of generating impressively detailed human-like responses for your questions.


My friend here used it to understand Docker in Eminem

@OpenAI 3. AI Avatars

https://t.co/U5dAjo83wn by @dannypostmaa
https://t.co/H1tpIxYsui by @levelsio

Create your own 4k quality AI-generated avatars in seconds.

@OpenAI @dannypostmaa @levelsio 4. Descript App

Edit your podcast by just editing the transcript. Sound editing like editing a word doc.

Descript will copy your voice and autofill whatever edits you make to the transcript.
$7.5k -> $300k in 4 weeks.

A *thread* of as much alpha as I can pack in on the process, discipline and conditions required for pulling this off.

There's hopefully some helpful snippets or thought processes you can take away from this.

Survive, and wait for opportunity.


Originally I covered off some points in this initial thread on hitting $225k, I hit $300k a week or so later but it was also right in the middle of the collapse, didn't feel like the timing was right to throw this out

One of my edges is knowing when to be in the market, when not to be in the market and when to push down the accelerator on


Everything is around timing. The market is designed to punish you by playing on your emotions.

Volatility = Emotion.

Many people find themselves trading in times that they shouldn't be trading, and being paralyzed in the times they should be trading.