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10 insanely useful websites you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t know (until now):


No more expensive photo editors.

Welcome to a free online photo editor in your browser.

What? Yes, that’s right.
• No popups
• No ads
• No cookies
• No account to create
• 100% free

Just select a photo and get going!


Tame the firehose of information with one daily email that curates all your favourite sources and links in one place.

You’ll get:
• Emails
• Twitter Accounts
• YouTube Channels

Staying on top of good information has never been easier.


Looking to meet like-minded people but don’t know where to start?

Welcome to The Hive Index: A directory of online communities.

Find communities organized by topics, across all major platforms:
• Reddit
• Discord
• Slack
• Facebook


Read the entire internet on a single page.

Upstract has headlines and links to the most popular news sites in the world:

• Reddit
• Reuters
• NY Times
• YouTube
• Vice
• Buzzfeed

Never miss a beat.
10 websites you didn't know you were missing (until now) :

People are visual learners.

Easily turn your data into stunning charts, maps, and interactive stories.

Upload a spreadsheet, and return with:

• Animated bar charts
• Survey data
• Scatter plots
• Story maps & more

Looking for a way to make your presentations more engaging?

Build interactive polls, quizzes, and more allowing your audience to engage in real-time.

Using their smartphone, attendees can answer questions and the results are visualized as they happen.

An online collaborative whiteboard ideal for remote meetings, brainstorming, and ideation across teams.

• Make flowcharts
• Build product roadmaps
• Engage in a quick retrospective

The best part?

It's free.

My friend @thejustinwelsh brought this site to my attention recently.

If you're in the solopreneur game and need to spin up a quick landing page or website for just about anything, Carrd is tough to beat.

Simple, free, mobile responsive.

Check 'em out.