11+ most beautiful Google Font Pairs for creators (FREE):

1\ Oswald + EB Garamond

Headline: Oswald
Body Text: EB Garamond

Pro Tip: Use this combo for banners, flyers, annual reports and infographics
2\ Alfa Slab + Open Sans

Headline: Alfa Slab
Body Text: Open Sans

Pro Tip: Use in presentations, reports
3\ Great Vibes + Monteserrat

Headline: Great Vibes
Body Text: Monteserrat

Pro Tip: Use for party menus, flyers
4\ Libre Baskerville + Source Sans Pro

Headline: Libre Baskerville
Body Text: Source Sans Pro

Pro Tip: Business reports, presentations, newsletters
5\ Merriweather + Lato

Headline: Merriweather
Body Text: Lato

Pro Tip: Use it for e-books, landing page, reports
6\ Raleway + Source Sans Pro

Headline: Raleway
Body Text: Source Sans Pro

Pro Tip: Best for Landing Pages, newsletter and ebooks
7\ Montserrat + Merriweather

Headline: Montserrat
Body Text: Merriweather

Pro Tip: You can interchange these fonts. Best used by top publishers globally.
8\ Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro

Headline: Playfair Display
Body Text: Source Sans Pro

Pro Tip: Use this combo for product landing pages, Book covers, etc
9\ Roboto Thin + Roboto Regular

Headline: Roboto Thin
Body Text: Roboto Regular

Pro Tip: Used in the tech startup space mainly. Awesome for websites.
10\ Prata + Lato

Headline: Prata
Body Text: Lato

Pro Tip: The Combo for modern websites. Used by digital agencies.
11\ Roboto + Cabin Regular

Headline: Roboto
Body Text: Cabin Regular

Pro Tip: For business communication, landing pages, newsletters
12\ Oswal + Cardo

Headline: Oswal
Body Text: Cards

Pro Tip: Newsletter, Landing Pages, ebooks
That’s it!

Hope this will make things easy for you to find the right FONT pairing.

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