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1. How to scale in and out of trades properly

2. The one reason your supply/demand strategy isn't working

3. How I use volume in my trading

4. 10 Tips I'd tell my younger self

5. My pre-market routine

6. Top brokers I recommend

7. Why your account will never hit $100k

8. How I'd grow $1k to $10k in 60 days

9. Interview of @danushman , founder of @TrendSpider

@danushman @TrendSpider 10. How to identify a break of structure (BOS)

@danushman @TrendSpider 11. How to fix your options mistake

@danushman @TrendSpider 12. Futures Vs. Options

@danushman @TrendSpider 13. How to get mentally prepared every day

@danushman @TrendSpider 14. I wouldn't have became a $10k/month trader without this

@danushman @TrendSpider 15. My supply/demand trading strategy

@danushman @TrendSpider 16. If you're thinking of giving up on trading

@danushman @TrendSpider 17. Why you're blowing up trading accounts

@danushman @TrendSpider 18. 5+ years of trading experiance in 9 tweets

@danushman @TrendSpider 19. When it's time to drop the 9-5

@danushman @TrendSpider 20. How to stop overtrading and get rid of your trading addiction

@danushman @TrendSpider 21. How to become a consistent trader

@danushman @TrendSpider 22. How to know when a supply/demand zone will fail

@danushman @TrendSpider 23. How to get into a short squeeze before price takes off

@danushman @TrendSpider 24. Why I'm bearish on crypto

@danushman @TrendSpider 25. How to journal your trades the right way

@danushman @TrendSpider 26. 4 of the top traders on twitter

@danushman @TrendSpider 27. How to know when you're mentally ready to go full-time

@danushman @TrendSpider 28. Why I don't hold any long-term stocks

@danushman @TrendSpider 29. How I turned $2,781 --> $10,000 in one month

@danushman @TrendSpider 30. 5 actionable steps to be more productive

@danushman @TrendSpider Wow what a rollercoaster it's been

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Here are 5 trading strategies that could make you $100k this year:🧵

1. Supply/Demand

If you haven't heard of supply/demand and you follow me... I don't know what to tell you

Here's a thread going over what supply/demand

2. Balance Theory

Balance theory is about understanding consolidation vs expansion

It helps you determine which areas price is looking to go (and where price will reverse)

Here's a thread on

3. Short Squeezes

Although $GME and $AMC get a bad rep, you can still learn a lot from their price action

Short squeezes happen all the time and if you learn how they work...

You can make a butt load

Here's a thread on how to identify and trade a short

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Microorganisms in biofilms are enclosed by an extracellular matrix that confers protection and improves survival. Previous studies have shown that viruses can secondarily colonize preexisting biofilms, and viral biofilms have also been described.

...we raise the perspective that CoVs can persistently infect bats due to their association with biofilm structures. This phenomenon potentially provides an optimal environment for nonpathogenic & well-adapted viruses to interact with the host, as well as for viral recombination.

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Great article from @AsheSchow. I lived thru the 'Satanic Panic' of the 1980's/early 1990's asking myself "Has eveyrbody lost their GODDAMN MINDS?!"

The 3 big things that made the 1980's/early 1990's surreal for me.

1) Satanic Panic - satanism in the day cares ahhhh!

2) "Repressed memory" syndrome

3) Facilitated Communication [FC]

All 3 led to massive abuse.

"Therapists" -and I use the term to describe these quacks loosely - would hypnotize people & convince they they were 'reliving' past memories of Mom & Dad killing babies in Satanic rituals in the basement while they were growing up.

Other 'therapists' would badger kids until they invented stories about watching alligators eat babies dropped into a lake from a hot air balloon. Kids would deny anything happened for hours until the therapist 'broke through' and 'found' the 'truth'.

FC was a movement that started with the claim severely handicapped individuals were able to 'type' legible sentences & communicate if a 'helper' guided their hands over a keyboard.