I've been trading full-time for the past 3 years using my supply/demand strategy

Here's the ONE reason why you're supply/demand strategy isn't working: 🧵

Supply/Demand zones don't work by themselves.

You can't just buy every demand zone and sell every supply zone, otherwise the price would just wedge the whole time

Eventually one side has to break....
The key is following trend

Meaning you should only be buying demand zones that TAKE OUT the corresponding supply zone


It shows that demand exceeds supply

Buyers are stronger than sellers

Let's take a look at an example👇
Here's $RIVN

You can see that price failed to take out the corresponding high (supply zone)

This shows that sellers are still in control so you DON'T want to be buying at this demand zone
Here's $CRM

Demand is able to take out the previous supply zone (swing high)

This shows buyers are in control, so you want to be buying demand zones
Supply/Demand is all about trend

Buy demand zones in an uptrend and short supply zones in a downtrend
There are times when price will be in a wedge

Where supply/demand zones work both ways because there is no trend established

In a wedge, I typically advise NOT to trade them

Although both zones will work, it's very choppy price action and no large/fast moves👇
Here's an example of $COIN

Perfect example of a wedge with multiple supply/demand zone touches

Yes they worked, but if you are looking to only take high quality setups, it's better to stick with trend-related setups

Because eventually, one side will break
So to recap...

1. Understand which side is in control (buyers vs. sellers)

2. Only trade the side who has control (buys in uptrend, shorts in downtrend)

3. Wedges work for S/D, but better off to stick with higher quality setups
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