Oh are we talking about Sheryl Sandberg again? Well, your reminder that disabled feminists, LGBQT feminists, and feminists of color criticised her ‘lean in’ deal from day one. Don’t let anyone retcon that out of existence.

Like, a pretty narrow slice of feminists actually endorse and support corporate feminism, they’re just white, nondisabled, straight, cis, and noisy so their voices have a bigger reach.
So if your impression is that ‘feminism’ gave her a ‘free pass’ maybe you should question your overall impression of feminism rather than continuing to centre a handful of people as ‘thought leaders’ or whatever.
Critics within feminism have been doing this work for a long time and have been getting shat on it for about as long and I'm tired of seeing them erased. But what do I know — I am, after all, not a feminist.
But I WILL say, from my not-a-feminist perspective, that people who aren’t feminists who are criticising feminism should maybe understand the movement more deeply beyond a handful of high profile celebrity feminists.
Also as a not-a-feminist, it really behooves not-a-feminists to acknowledge and centre the work being done within feminism to make it better, rather than engaging in formulaic dunking. Again, though, what do I know — I am, after all, not a feminist.
It’s my fervent hope that there will come a time when I feel welcome in feminism and I love working in solidarity with feminists who are trying to address these systemic issues. Part of that work involves following the movement and criticisms from both within and without closely.
Because it would be profoundly disrespectful to erase the work of people pushing for change.

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