Thought I'd put a thread together of some resources & people I consider really valuable & insightful for anyone considering or just starting out on their @SorareHQ journey. It's by no means comprehensive, this community is super helpful so no offence to anyone I've missed off...

1) Get yourself on the official Sorare Discord group, the forum is always full of interesting debate. Got a question? Put it on the relevant thread & it's usually answered in minutes. This is also a great place to engage directly with the @SorareHQ team.
2) Bury your head in @HGLeitch's @SorareData & get to grips with all the collated information you have to hand FOR FREE! IMO it's vital for price-checking, scouting & S05 team building plus they are hosts to the forward thinking SO11 and SorareData Cups 🏆
3) Get on YouTube 📺, subscribe to @Qu_Tang_Clan's channel & engross yourself in hours of Sorare tutorials & videos. There's a good crowd that log in to the live Gameweek shows where you get to see Quinny scratching his head/ beard over team selection.
4) Make sure to follow & give a listen to the @Sorare_Podcast on the streaming service of your choice 🔊, weekly shows are always insightful with great guests. Worth listening to the old episodes too as there's loads of information you'll take from them.
5) Follow these guys for all sorts of data & number crunching goodness inc league competitiveness & payout ratios 📊:
- @SorareHub
- @SiegeTheDay23 (also knows his Asian football)
- @TheFootballEco
Can really help formulate your squad building for targeting particular divisions
6) Haven't got a big budget but want to get involved in Sorare and climb the ladder? I'd recommend you give the guys @sorareinfo a follow and sign up to their newsletter, they know how to find the best deals, pick up the bargains, buy low and sell high 📈 🧐
7) Handy for checking out the auction action whilst on Twitter & getting a feel for the market, the @SorareBot posts everytime an auction is won for more than $150 (it can be quite satisfying to see your name up there when you finally get the player you've been after a while...)
8) As sorare grows so too will the demand for league specialists to give you all the player & team news from abroad. We already have our man in Japan @SorareJapan offering all the inside knowledge, if you are going to tackle Champion Asia then giving him a follow is essential 🇯🇵
9) @SorareScout 🔎 have released their first feature which is a very handy season scheduler for all the leagues covered by the S05s. Can be difficult keeping track of all the fixture commencements especially with Covid so this is a welcome addition 🗓
10) Notable others:
@Football_MDJ THE Sorare blogger, v helpful & balanced insights
@FiGenesis French football - he's definitely got it covered 🇫🇷
@javeerdesu Great Youtube intro vid (more content pls mate)
@sorarefraser Pressures on now to get the fridge magnets in production...
11) And finally, I'd have to recommend my own Amazon paperback & eBook 📖 'Got Got Need - The Beginner's Guide to Sorare', walks through every step including the sign-up process, purchasing crypto & buying/ selling your first players, please check it out:
Interested in signing up? Feel free to DM me with any questions you have. Use this sign-up link for an extra 100M to spend on your first draft team 💰 plus get a free card when you buy your first 5 at auction:

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