Retailers late sellers who place sl at visual reference levels are thrown out. Avoid placing sl at same location were retailers place stoploss

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2 hours of non-stop Twitter space by @kapildhama

Topic - Data Points to check as a Option seller

Mega Thread 🧵 of all the data points to check as a option seller shared by Mr. Kapil Dhama is complied

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-Make your own trading system
- First identify what suits you ?
Trend Following
Directional or Non-directional option selling
Naked option buying/selling

-Never take more than 1% loss in intraday
-There is no specific trick in market only important is process


-Chart & Data plays a important role ( Understand to combine to identify trades/direction )
-In all trades knowing exit point is very important

Simple target for Kapil sir in straddle is 100 points in a week on BNF & Loss exit point is 50 points after adjustment (R:R 1:2)


- Simple target for Kapil sir in straddle is 50 points in a week on NF & Loss exit point is 25 points after adjustment (R:R 1:2)

Check data after 3:00 p.m Chart + Data ?

Check how is the closing ( Location of closing - Near Day high or Day low or mid of the day )



-If market is near high ( Check in data whether Near ATM PE has more writing & in CE writing whether is less at higher strike price) - It is a Probability

Once Data is bullish along with the close he choose

Strangle- Rs.70 PE & Rs.40 CE or scroll down
Whether OI works for intraday trading ?

Whether OI useful ?

No one has a exact answer. But one effective way to make use OI in a very different perspective - OUT OF THE BOX from Traditional method

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This is a EOD OI graph of ICICIBANK. Here i am trying to focus on strike price which has more than 2x OI comparing CE vs PE of individual strikes.

Below 880 strike CE vs PE in which 880 CE has 2x more OI (more writers) compare to 880 pe.

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From the above OI graph of EOD 04/09 NOW refer the chart below of the same ICICIBANK for 05 sep

Main focus is not to take 880 levels as resistance just because of more CE OI. My focus if 880 is easily crossing and closing above it to open a bullish opportunity


EOD OI graph of Bajaj Auto. Here i am trying to focus on strike price which has more than or equal 2x OI comparing CE vs PE of individual strikes.

Below 4000 strike CE vs PE in which 4000 PE has 2x more OI compare to 4000 CE.

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Option Buying Simplified (PART -2)

Very important thread for all option buyers 🧵

Just 5 to 10 minutes to read but it can change your trading a lot.

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Main problem which most option buyers face is Option Premium erosion ( Theta Decay ). So I have shared a simple & effective process to understand the option decay during Live Market before entering option buying trades

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Follow up example from the above chart about Option premium decay during sideways market. In general most option premium erosion (theta decay) happens during sideways market.

Theta is option buyers ENEMY

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Option Buyers high probability zones while trading ATM & ITM strike prices.

VWAP helps a lot in providing data during Live Market

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