How to set Small Stop loss ??


1️⃣ If we trade on Monthly chart - stop loss set on weekly lower low

2️⃣ If we trade on Weekly chart than SL on Daily LL

3️⃣ Daily chart - Hourly LL

4️⃣ Hourly chart - 15 minutes LL

5️⃣ 15 minutes chart - 5 minutes LL

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"I really want to break into Product Management"

make products.

"If only someone would tell me how I can get a startup to notice me."

Make Products.

"I guess it's impossible and I'll never break into the industry."


Courtesy of @edbrisson's wonderful thread on breaking into comics – – here is why the same applies to Product Management, too.

There is no better way of learning the craft of product, or proving your potential to employers, than just doing it.

You do not need anybody's permission. We don't have diplomas, nor doctorates. We can barely agree on a single standard of what a Product Manager is supposed to do.

But – there is at least one blindingly obvious industry consensus – a Product Manager makes Products.

And they don't need to be kept at the exact right temperature, given endless resource, or carefully protected in order to do this.

They find their own way.