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Mahadev himself narrated the story of Ekadash Mukhi Hanuman ji to Maa Parvati. Once a great monster named Kalkarmukh performed the severe penance of Brahma ji.
Pleased with the austerity of the demon, Brahma ji gave him a boon that the person who will have eleven Heads like you and who was born on the day of your birth, only he/she will be able to kill you. No one else will kill you.
After getting a boon from Brahma ji, Kalkarmukh created a ruckus in all three lok. He invaded Swarg and snatched all the rights of the Devtas and became himself the king of Swarg.
All Devtagan came to Shri Rama and asked him for help. Hearing the agony of the Devtagan, Shri Ram called his supreme devotee Hanuman ji and said, "Pawan Putra, Sankatmochan".
You are the only one who can protect this world. Hanuman ji was born on Chaitra Purnima and Chaitra Purnima was also the birth date of Kalkarmukh.
Hanuman ji bowed down to Shree Rama and then took a very fierce form in which he had eleven heads.This form of Hanuman ji is called Ekadash Mukhi and 11 Mukhi. Hanuman ji challenged Kalkarmukh to battle. Kalkarmukh arrived with his army to fight with Hanuman ji.
Ekadash Hanuman ji killed the kalkarmukh's army in a moment. After that Hanuman ji grabbed the Kalkarmukh's neck and took him to the sky. In this way Hanuman ji killed Kalkarmukh.
All Devtagan bowed down to Hanuman ji and said that Hanuman ji whoever worships your Ekadash sawroop, all his wishes will be fulfilled and he/she should be protected from all directions.
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