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I had prepared these notes when choosing between #Princepipes and #Apollo since I already had mental facts why I didn't wanted a Big Player.

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Here is an interesting industry level🧵

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I will try to avoid redundancy from my earlier post in this thread. So, you may want to take a look at this one as

1. Wide Manufacturing Base effect

Prince has a strong & growing manufacturing plants presence in the country which leads to one of the lowest freight cost in the industry. Finolex has the lowest cost most likely because of their backward integration into PVC resin.

2 Distribution Network: Prince has highest no. of Dist. and Dealers among its peers.

3. Continuing on the high distributors reach, the industry has never seen such a surge in the PVC prices which has led to industry consolidation with organized players gaining market share. And the player with greater reach/product availability is likely benefit more.