Low-risk, High-return stocks are what we look for relentlessly

But many of them we know but ignore
some of them don't grab financial headlines

Here are 10 low-risk, high return stocks (that we ignore):

What I mean by “high-return”?

These stocks have OUTPERFORMED the market:

💹Chart with upwards trend Since IPO
💹Chart with upwards trend Over the last 5 Years or since IPO

These are all long-term winners that will keep on winning
What do We Mean by “low-risk”?

A combination of:

❣️Great management
❣️Broad moat
❣️Financially strong
❣️High ROCE
❣️Low Disruption/Dilution/Volatility
❣️Consistent Organic Growth
❣️Assorted Customers/Suppliers
❣️Low debt

A depository is a big business and will grow continuously, Its a sustainable business
cause "Market hai toh CDSL bhi hai or rahega"
2- #Dixon

High Management Efficiency with a high ROE of 19.30%
Healthy long-term growth as Net Sales has grown by an annual rate of more than 30%
High Institutional Holdings
3 - #Pixtrans

-Strong ability to service debt as the company has a low Debt to EBITDA ratio of 1.05 times
-With ROCE of 18.4, it has a Fair valuation
-Wide moat
4- #Asianpaints
-Strong Long Term Fundamental Strength with an average Return on Equity (ROE) of 24.75%
-High Institutional Holdings
-Sustainable business cause
Buying a home? You need paint
Selling a home? You need paint
Renovating a home? You need paint
5- #Vinatiorganics

High Management Efficiency
Promoters hold a high stake in the company
-High Management Efficiency with a high ROCE of 30.51%
-Increasing Participation by Institutional Investors
-Its a leading supplier of critical process equipment and systems to the global chemical and pharmaceutical industries
7- #Nestleindia
-Has diversified portfolio
-Strong Long Term Fundamental Strength with an average Return on Equity (ROE) of 46.33%
-Has sustainable business cause you can never stop consuming its products.
8- #Pageind
-Company's brand Jockey is the most reputed brand in its segment

-High Management Efficiency

-High Institutional Holdings

-Sustainable business and products

-It has the most trusted brands in its segment like
Fevicol , Dr. Fixit , Fevikwik and M-seal
-Wide moat
-High Management Efficiency with a high ROE of 24.13%
-excellent marketing team
10 - #IRCTC
-The only operator in its segment - Wide moat
-Company has a low Debt to Equity ratio
-Indian railways future is bright and if railways will be there so will be #IRCTC

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