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now that's a title screen

foolish people like to quote that "science says there are only two genders". This is incorrect.

Science instead says that in addition to the regular genders, there are 25 Science Genders, shown here. (tag yourself I'm Skull)
I have no idea how to continue with this game.
I clicked a bunch of things and the game just pauses for a second, except when I clicked electron it animated and then was replaced by... something
Quarky & Quaysoo's Turbo Science!

Turbo Science is like regular Science, but FASTER
oh I see

is this Gizmos and Gadgets but by Sierra?
those sure are names
race map!
I clicked on myself which said I could "earn $" but it gave me this screen which I don't understand
so I instead tried to go to the first part of the race, but... I don't have enough money.

ahh, if I click "next question", it gives me SCIENCE questions
I like the "press your luck" animations that play when you get a question right
next checkpoint.
that bear is too cool
next checkpoint

I have many questions
Paco de Suave
there's profile pages for each of the opponents
ahh, now I'm studying the science of ROCK
one of your walls is missing, ants
oh I see this game is bullshit propaganda
next checkpoint
Turbo Science News!
I've moved from Squid to Wonker!
oh god I'm at the Clown Bakery
now that's Science
sadly the blimp keeps advertising Turbo Math, and never tells me that Ice Cube's a Pimp.
Power! Industry! Big men inserting screwdrivers into things, turning them, and adjusting them!

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🚨 🦮 Seven ways to test for accessibility using only what is already in browser developer tools of Chromium browsers

@MSEdgeDev @EdgeDevTools @ChromiumDev
#tools #accessibility #browsers
Also, a thread: 👇🏼

Issues pane, powered by @webhintio, listing accessibility issues with explanations why these are problems, links to more info and direct links to the tools where to fix the problem.

The inspect element overlay showing accessibility relevant information of the element, including contrast information, ARIA name, role and if it can be focused via keyboard.

Colour picker with contrast information offering colours that are AA/AAA compliant. You can also see compliant colours indicated by a line on the colour patch.
Note: the current algorithm fails to take font weight into consideration, that's why there will be a new one.

Vision deficit ("colour blindness") emulation. You can see what your product looks like for different visitors.

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