buffalo uses dominion scoreboard software so not really

A truck delivered off a suitcase full of points at halftime from Canada for Buffalo.
#StopTheSteel !!!!
I’ll be submitting sworn affidavits from Steelers fans than they saw the Buffalo rigging the game but I want to emphasize that I’m not under oath.
The first 11 games of the Steelers season were fair. The past two were RIGGED!!!!

🕧 This claim is disputed

🕧 Sources Have Called Differently
The only difference between my fight and the President’s is I haven’t lost 57 lawsuits, but you just watch me.
It’s on.
Look at that random point SURGE!!!

The NFL had that on its score dashboard but they TOOK IT DOWN!!

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As the year wrap's up, let's run through some of the worst public security mistakes and delays in fixes by AWS in 2020. A thread.

First, that time when an AWS employee posted confidential AWS customer information including including AWS access keys for those customer accounts to

Discovery by @SpenGietz that you can disable CloudTrail without triggering GuardDuty by using cloudtrail:PutEventSelectors to filter all events.

Amazon launched their bug bounty, but specifically excluded AWS, which has no bug bounty.

Repeated, over and over again examples of AWS having no change control over their Managed IAM policies, including the mistaken release of CheesepuffsServiceRolePolicy, AWSServiceRoleForThorInternalDevPolicy, AWSCodeArtifactReadOnlyAccess.json, AmazonCirrusGammaRoleForInstaller.

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