Something that I didn't realize but hurt my brain to learn:
John Norman (aka John Frederick Lange Jr.), of the Gor series of sci-fi/BDSM novels, is still alive.
He released two books (one of them a Gor book, #35), in 2019.

I guess with the fact that the series started in 1966 and feels like it's always a historical thing... I assumed he had to have quit writing and/or died back in like 1986.

Nope. Still alive, he's 89, and was apparently still writing as of 2 years ago.
also, my brain being what it is, I totally just googled for the book's cover image by entering "trans man of gor" which is NOT the title.
in my defense, how many book serieses look like this WITH THE SAMEAUTHOR FROM BOOK #1 to BOOK #35?
Anyway if you look at any this and think it's a suggestion that you should try reading any of these novels or learning anything about them, you are quite mistaken.

Gor is bad sci-fi and bad BDSM, and you should skip it for either reason.
and when I say "bad BDSM" I don't mean like how people have complained about 50 shades of grey for being bad BDSM, as in it doesn't follow proper BDSM rules of consent and safety and such.

I mean, it is that too, but it's also bad the sense of not just being very BDSMy
so you shouldn't go look it up just because I say it's "bad BDSM". I'm not saying "it's the wrong kind of BDSM", and you might want to rebel against my GATEKEEPING and read it anyway.
I'm saying that even if it was "good BDSM" in the sense of doing things right and safely and giving people good examples of what BDSM is in case they want to get into it:
so the books are bad sci-fi and bad BDSM (in at least two ways) but in 1966 there wasn't a lot of content about anything BDSM related so it got a subculture growing up around it and THAT'S WHY THERE ARE 35 BOOKS
but my point is that in 2021 we have better options
so if you want scifi, there are better books (hell, if you want 60s pulp sci-fi, there are better books)
and if you want BDSM erotica, there are better books

and your brain will be happier if you don't learn anything more about Gor.
Anyway in the late 80s they made two novels based on Gor. They mostly removed the overt BDSM stuff (which was never that intense in the first couple novels anyway) to just do standard 80s scantily-clad barbarian women fodder.
Those two movies were Gor and Outlaw of Gor.
Outlaw of Gor was also known as "Outlaw", which is the title it showed up on MST3K as. Season 5, episode 19.
Anyway, the fact it showed up on MST3K should tell you something about the quality of the movies.

It's also probably the safest way to enjoy any Gor content: through the medium of a guy and some robots mocking it

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