It's funny how so many people who claim to worship "democracy" also dismiss nationalism as selfish xenophobia. Democracy is absolutely meaningless without strong national sovereignty. Under globalism, citizens of any given state have little influence over how they are governed.

Nationalism isn't just mindless tribalism. People are correct to insist their government has a responsibility TO THEM that vastly outweighs any imagined responsibility to foreign governments they have absolutely no influence over, or foreign populations.
We've seen that point taken to absurd extremes by the Left during the Trump administration, with whack-job judges ruling that foreigners have rights that EXCEED those of American citizens, including absolute rights to enter the U.S. and influence its government.
And we're frequently told that some international elite "consensus" completely overrides our ability to make individual decisions - or even to petition our own government, or vote for representatives who disagree with whatever "the world" has supposedly decided.
All of that is the absolute negation of "democracy" in any form, including the dangerous mob rule and majoritarianism that the Left selectively advocates. (Notice they always have a list of things nobody gets to vote on anymore, no matter how strong the majority vote would be.)
The key element of any just system of government is RESPONSIBILITY - from citizens to each other, and from government to its citizens. Erasing responsibility leads to injustice, strife, and tyranny. Without nationalism, the government has no responsibility to its citizens.
This is made quite explicit under globalism, which is not shy about attacking sovereignty and declaring various issues are no longer subject to the votes of citizens. The people of any given country have no influence over globalist power, and it feels no responsibility to them.
The globalist fetish for open borders and mass migration is a deliberate attack on national sovereignty with immediate practical consequences. It's a direct assault on the notion that citizens of a country have rights, AND responsibilities, beyond those of non-citizens.
Globalism diminishes the responsibility of hideous regimes for corruption and abuse, providing financial relief and migration safety valves. It's a transmission system for the most irresponsible ideologies. The benefits of advanced society are redistributed without requirements.
The absolute farce of China getting on the U.N. Human Rights commission illustrates this perfectly. China PRACTICES SLAVERY, a total contradiction of core American values. But we have no sovereignty at the U.N., no right to say fascism, slavery, and genocide are unacceptable.
The constructive form of nationalism - rights inextricably linked to responsibility, sovereign nations governed with the consent of sovereign people - is diminished under this globalist system. Instead, the WORST form of nationalism, China's form, is rewarded.
The winning strategy is to have an utterly ruthless, amoral elite corrupting every globalist institution to serve its selfish interests. Give lip service to globalist ideals while ruling as selfish tyrants. Break every "rule" and laugh at the chumps who follow them.
If you want democracy of any sort, you must insist on a sovereign nation whose first duty is always to its own citizens - governing with their consent, honestly protecting their interests, and zealously guarding both the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. /end

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Funny, before the election I recall lefties muttering the caravan must have been a Trump setup because it made the open borders crowd look so bad. Why would the pro-migrant crowd engineer a crisis that played into Trump's hands? THIS is why. THESE are the "optics" they wanted.

This media manipulation effort was inspired by the success of the "kids in cages" freakout, a 100% Stalinist propaganda drive that required people to forget about Obama putting migrant children in cells. It worked, so now they want pics of Trump "gassing children on the border."

There's a heavy air of Pallywood around the whole thing as well. If the Palestinians can stage huge theatrical performances of victimhood with the willing cooperation of Western media, why shouldn't the migrant caravan organizers expect the same?

It's business as usual for Anarchy, Inc. - the worldwide shredding of national sovereignty to increase the power of transnational organizations and left-wing ideology. Many in the media are true believers. Others just cannot resist the narrative of "change" and "social justice."

The product sold by Anarchy, Inc. is victimhood. It always boils down to the same formula: once the existing order can be painted as oppressors and children as their victims, chaos wins and order loses. Look at the lefties shrieking in unison about "Trump gassing children" today.

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Hi @officestudents @EHRC @EHRCChair @KishwerFalkner @RJHilsenrath @trussliz @GEOgovuk

The Equality and Diversity section of your job application has 'gender' in what appears to be a list of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.



However, 'gender' is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 and is not defined in the Act.

Sex is the protected characteristic under the Act, but that is not on your list.


You then ask for the 'gender' of the applicant with options:



Again, 'gender' is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 and is not defined in the Act.


Sex is the protected characteristic and the only two possible options for sex are 'Female' and 'Male' as defined in the Act and consistent with biology, but you don't ask for that.

'Gender' is not a synonym for sex.


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Has this man been concealing his true identity?

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Witness protection to be kept safe until the right moment when all will be revealed?!

Who ELSE is alive that may have faked their death/gone into witness protection?

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Review crumbs on the board re: 'gold'.

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