Transform your body in next 6 months.

People will charge INR 27,000+ for this course.

I am giving away the entire course for FREE:

Module 1:
Build your Fat Loss Diet Plan

· Step by Step Tutorial
· Length: 26 mins
Module 2:
Learn how to easily track your calories/macros.

· Step by Step Tutorial
· Length: 17 mins
Module 3:
Calculate how many weeks it will take to reach six pack.

. Math behind building six pack
· Length: 12 mins
Module 4:
Learn how to Burn Belly Fat in 3 steps

· Science behind belly fat
· 100% Works
· Length: 15 mins
Module 5:
Cardio Vs Weight Training: Your Workout Strategy

· Pros & Cons of both
· Strike the right balance
· Length: 14 mins
Module 6:
The most effective FAT LOSS Cardio

· 5 Tips to boost your Step Count
· Burn 1 kg+ extra fat per month
· Length: 12 minutes
Module 7:
Stay Motivated during your 6 month journey

· Mental Models for staying motivated
· Based on real experience
· Length: 15 minutes
Module 8:
Proof it works.

I teach only what I have proved after tons of research & self-experimentation.

I have made the mistakes - so you don't have to.

Here's my own 6 month transformation:
Friends, this is all you need.

Trust me, I have coached & 1500+ people. I know what I am talking about.

"Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organised into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end."
------Napoleon Hill
· Don't bookmark and forget.
· Sit in a no-distraction zone.
· Watch the videos in 2 hours.
· Make notes. Take Action.

I sincerely hope you will.

Before you go,
I want to give you 2 more courses (for FREE).

(No, I am not kidding.)
Help me reach more people in 2 simple steps:

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· Best Protein Sources
· Best & Worst Supplements

Thank You.

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And here they are...


Remember, this money is just fun. If you launched a product (or even attempted a launch) - you did something worth MUCH more than $1,000.


The winners 👇


Lattes For Change - Skip a latte and save a life.

@frantzfries built a platform where you can see how skipping your morning latte could do for the world.

A great product for a great cause.

Congrats Chris on winning $250!


Instaland - Create amazing landing pages for your followers.

A team project! @bpmct and @BaileyPumfleet built a tool for social media influencers to create simple "swipe up" landing pages for followers.

Really impressive for 24 hours. Congrats!


SayHenlo - Chat without distractions

Built by @DaltonEdwards, it's a platform for combatting conversation overload. This product was also coded exclusively from an iPad 😲

Dalton is a beast. I'm so excited he placed in the top 10.


CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!

Built by @jesswallaceuk, the project is focused on highlighting the experience of developers and people learning to code.

I wish this existed when I learned to code! Congrats on $250!!
These past few days I've been experimenting with something new that I want to use by myself.

Interestingly, this thread below has been written by that.

Let me show you how it looks like. 👇🏻

When you see localhost up there, you should know that it's truly an experiment! 😀

It's a dead-simple thread writer that will post a series of tweets a.k.a tweetstorm. ⚡️

I've been personally wanting it myself since few months ago, but neglected it intentionally to make sure it's something that I genuinely need.

So why is that important for me? 🙂

I've been a believer of a story. I tell stories all the time, whether it's in the real world or online like this. Our society has moved by that.

If you're interested by stories that move us, read Sapiens!

One of the stories that I've told was from the launch of Poster.

It's been launched multiple times this year, and Twitter has been my go-to place to tell the world about that.

Here comes my frustration.. 😤