My System for momentum trading🧵:

1. Stock Identification:

Daily and Weekly Delivery Analysis using @mystockedge
Theme Confirmation using Internet and Network

2. Stock Confirmation:

Relative Strength of a stock visavis market using RS55 model listed in @mystockedge


3. Stock Participation:

Only when chart showing short term breakout along with RS55>0 and RSI>50. I am ready to leave some initial movements.

4. Position buildup:

Every time the stock gives a breakout from the previous swing high add more position and go all-in.

5. Stock Exit:

I run two portfolios: Short term Swing and Long term Swing.

For Exit in Short term swings, I use a 2hourly Chart with super trend and RS. I am using @tradingview for the same.

For long term swing, I exit when the RS of the stock goes below 0. Period.


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See this now and compare it with the associated tweet to identify extended stocks that could potentially prevent u from entering . RS is now negative and at rock bottom levels.

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