My System for momentum tradingšŸ§µ:

1. Stock Identification:

Daily and Weekly Delivery Analysis using @mystockedge
Theme Confirmation using Internet and Network

2. Stock Confirmation:

Relative Strength of a stock visavis market using RS55 model listed in @mystockedge


3. Stock Participation:

Only when chart showing short term breakout along with RS55>0 and RSI>50. I am ready to leave some initial movements.

4. Position buildup:

Every time the stock gives a breakout from the previous swing high add more position and go all-in.

5. Stock Exit:

I run two portfolios: Short term Swing and Long term Swing.

For Exit in Short term swings, I use a 2hourly Chart with super trend and RS. I am using @tradingview for the same.

For long term swing, I exit when the RS of the stock goes below 0. Period.


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Central Pivot Rangeā€”(CPR)

What does it mean?

7 tweets that will teach you about its basics (and much more):šŸ§µ

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1/ What is CPR?

The basics of CPR, how it's calculated, and TC and BC in CPR.

User: @ZerodhaVarsity.

One can also gauge the trend whether bullish or bearish.

Explained in very simple words

@ZerodhaVarsity 2/ What are the Uses of CPR?

User: @YMehta_

A thread that provides examples along with the concept.

Also includes an Intraday Trading Setup on 5 min

@ZerodhaVarsity @YMehta_ 3/ How to analyze trends with CPR?

User: @cprbykgs

How to interpret CPR based on the candles forming either above or below the daily and weekly CPR.

He is the most famous guy when it comes to CPR, so go through his Twitter and Youtube

@ZerodhaVarsity @YMehta_ @cprbykgs 4/ Interpreting longer timeframes with CPR

User: @cprbykgs

Trend Reversals with CPR when the trend is bullish and it enters the daily CPR

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A great product for a great cause.

Congrats Chris on winning $250!


Instaland - Create amazing landing pages for your followers.

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Really impressive for 24 hours. Congrats!


SayHenlo - Chat without distractions

Built by @DaltonEdwards, it's a platform for combatting conversation overload. This product was also coded exclusively from an iPad šŸ˜²

Dalton is a beast. I'm so excited he placed in the top 10.


CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!

Built by @jesswallaceuk, the project is focused on highlighting the experience of developers and people learning to code.

I wish this existed when I learned to code! Congrats on $250!!