Im sharing A stock Screener+Swing Strategy

Screener to Find Swing Stocks.
1. 15% Range of Near 52 week high
2. Avg Volume > 1 lakh
3. Market Cap > 2000 Cr
4. Roe Roce > 20%
5. Eps Increasing Qtr on Qtr
6. Above 50 ema

How to use This Screener
1. Basically we are screening Fundamentally strong stock
2. These are Technically Strong also as stocks are near 52 week high and above 50 ema
3. Below is the list For the screened Stocks.
4. Target should be on RR
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When to Enter
1. When 52 week High is Broken
2. Filter Stocks Select Stock With High Relative Strength
Example : #CosmoFilms , #Mastek
3. Keep Sl Below 21 ema
4. Keep Trailing Using 21 ema
5. Enter stocks on high volume breakout
6.Look for Price Range Contraction
Your Most work is done by the screener
The most important task is filtering out manually and that's where your Returns will differ
As we are screening TechnoFunda stocks these can used for momentum investing
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The Ultimate Guide to moving averages !
A mega thread to understand the Use of 21 , 50 and 200 ema.
4 Effective uses of Exponential Moving Averages !

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Once Can refer the use of Moving Averages Throught this thread

4 Popular uses of moving averages

1. Identifying the direction of trend
2. MA crossover
3. Dynamic Support and Resistance
4. Price Crossing above Key EMAs

Note : In chart 21 ema is red , 50 ema is green and 200 ema is black


Why EMA and not SMA ?
EMA is fast , accurate and prices in recent data !

Use 1 : Identifying the trend of stock on dtf

The 21 ema will tell us the Short term trend of a stock , while the 200 ema will tell us the long term trend of a stocks

Any EMA that is sloping
:upwards trend is BULLISH
:sideways trend is NEUTRAL
:downwards trend is BEARISH

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