Andy McCabe has some explaining to do.

Andrew McCabe was reported to the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs for making an unauthorized leak of classified info to the media about @GenFlynn in early February 2017.
If you’ve wondered exactly who it was who leaked the classified info from that intelligence report on @GenFlynn’s phone calls with then-Russian ambassador Kislyak to the media, you are right now seeing a huge honking clue who it was.
To those responding to this info by sneering "Nothing's gonna happen":




You just might be too stupid to be following me.

The then-Deputy Director of the FBI get's caught targeting @GenFlynn with an illegal leak so he can 'investigated' by Peter Strzok?
Now that we know it was McCabe who set up Flynn for a fake 'perjury' investigation by his pet attack dog, Peter Strzok, the next name that's going to surface is...Joseph Pientka.
The strategic leakers who were targeting people for bogus FBI 'investigations' are all about to be exposed. Groundwork revealing the strategic leaks against Flynn, Page & Papadopoulos has all been done over the previous months.

We're at the stage we SEE who the leakers were.
And this gets released right as the prosecutors of James Wolfe reveal they've made a sweetheart deal with him to reduce his 3 counts to just 1 count of perjury.

He sang like a canary.


So let's see a show of hands: how many of you even knew Huber was digging into the Clinton Foundation? While he was assisting Horowitz in his digging into the FISC/Steele Dossier/Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie/DNC/Hillary campaign stuff?

I'm sure Huber is coming to DC *only* to discuss Clinton Foundation things with Meadows and his committee.

He for certain, like, won't be huddling with Horowitz or that new guy, Whitaker while he's in town. That would NEVER HAPPEN. [wink wink wink!] 😉

I just spent a year and a half telling you they will SHOW YOU what they are REALLY DOING when they are READY.

Not before.

No matter how much whining is done about it.

I'm exhausted but it's worth it.

Now you know why they're f**king TERRIFIED of Whitaker, the closer tapped by Trump to come in late for the hysterical fireworks that will ensue soon.

Look who's suddenly fund raising for his legal defen- er, I mean, ha ha - his reelection campaign!

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