1~Consider the gnosis within this thread.

4~From the Flat Earth Podcast App.
See where the Sun is on the hour hand?
Wherever it is at is 12 noon with Sun overhead!
Sun laps Moon every 28 cycles (days).
That's how Moon changes Zodiac Signs
every 28 cycles (days).
5~More supporting evidence.
6~Here's a simple demo. Pic1 is the "official" way an eclipse occurs. The Bovine Feces is DRIPPING from pic1!
Pic2 I took the liberty of FILLING IN the Sun's Rays.
As pic1 wants you to beLIEve the Sun, which can fit millions of Earth's inside it, somehow pinpoints a tiny beam?
7~And that tiny beam concentrates to an even TINIER pinpoint on the Moon? HOLY BALLS THAT'S THE MOST PSYCHOTIC SHIT I'VE HEARD THIS WEEK...JUST THIS WEEK! LMFAO!!!
In my CORRECTION of our Light SPREADS from a source, pic2 I feel is more accurate!
Thoughts/Comments PLEASE?!
8~Here's a FUN science project for you and some family members, because COME ON this is more fun when Love is involved?!!!
The Firmament has been shown to be about 73 miles from the surface of Earth. So, use your math skills to figure out the ACTUAL sizes of Sun and Moon!
9~Consider in this science project that you HAVE NO IDEA the SIZES of Sun/Moon BUT you know the DISTANCE is right about 73 miles.
ALSO consider that 73 is the LARGEST PRIME NUMBER?!
The "Chuck Norris" of prime numbers. ~ Sheldon 🤔🤔🤔
Flat Earth Podcast App is pretty cool!

More from Science

Ever since @JesseJenkins and colleagues work on a zero carbon US and this work by @DrChrisClack and colleagues on incorporating DER, I've been having the following set of thoughts about how to reduce the risk of failure in a US clean energy buildout. Bottom line is much more DER.

Typically, when we see zero-carbon electricity coupled to electrification of transport and buildings, implicitly standing behind that is totally unprecedented buildout of the transmission system. The team from Princeton's modeling work has this in spades for example.

But that, more even than the new generation required, runs straight into a thicket/woodchipper of environmental laws and public objections that currently (and for the last 50y) limit new transmission in the US. We built most transmission prior to the advent of environmental law.

So what these studies are really (implicitly) saying is that NEPA, CEQA, ESA, §404 permitting, eminent domain law, etc, - and the public and democratic objections that drive them - will have to change in order to accommodate the necessary transmission buildout.

I live in a D supermajority state that has, for at least the last 20 years, been in the midst of a housing crisis that creates punishing impacts for people's lives in the here-and-now and is arguably mostly caused by the same issues that create the transmission bottlenecks.

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