How you can filter stocks for Intraday trades - 🧵

As a kid, we would do homework before school the next day - you have to do homework here too. A specific sector performs on a particular day and studying things a day before will help you spot that particular sector. (1/11)

To prepare for the next trading day, you got to check the Index charts of all sectors. You got to keep an eye on a specific Index if you see a few factors:

- If any Index closed exactly at the resistance, you can get a trade on either side on the next day. (2/11)
- If it gave a rejection candle at resistance.

- If any Index closed exactly at support, you can get a trade on either side the following day.

- If there was a bullish signal at the support.

- If any Index gave a breakout or breakdown and then gave a good closing. (3/11)
- If any Index has taken support at 50 or 200 EMA.

Once you spot the Index, look at all the stocks in that particular Index. Pick at least 3-4 stocks from that Index and add them to your watchlist for the next day. It's ideal to check both higher and lower timeframes. (4/11)
What you should do next day? (When I am unable to check Indices and stocks a day before, I sometimes directly start with this process.)

- Start with checking the top gainers/losers list. I observe market from 9:15 to 9:45am to check the sectors performing well on that day.(5/11)
It's great if the sector matches your filtered list because you know the stocks to trade. If it does not match, follow the process from checking gainers/losers. (The list of stocks you make never get wasted as it would be helpful some other day.) (6/11)
Now, let's say you missed out on trades in your filtered stocks or those stocks are not looking good in the live market. Make sure you don't turn your FOMO on (This can happen). Calmly, look for other stocks in that sector and trade. (7/11)
Here are a few examples from this week:
10 - Aug
11 - Aug

12 & 13- Aug
#IT sector
Few more:


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