1) Where we are: This is much, much bigger than a fraudulent election (it was) or rampant gubment tyrannical China Virus abuse (it is).

2) What we are facing has been building for a good 30 years.

3) I date it back to the GOP failure to defeat Clinton in the gubment shutdown.

4) If you went to public school, that would be the 1995 budget battle.

5) The brand new GOP Congress, with plenty of public support, failed to rein in a Clinton bloated budget.
6) It wasn't the numbers. Compared to today's deficits & debts, this was pocket change. Rather, this was the first time since the Cold War, which was a legit excuse for constant deficit spending, that Congress failed to do its MAIN constitutional duty--oversee spending.
7) No, this isn't a thread about deficits or debt. At present, I don't think those pose the biggest challenge to us, or even probably one of the top five.

8) Rather, this is about a deadly disease that hit DC & the patient refused to take any medicine for it.
9) The disease was the failure to address the major problems of the day, whether it was deficits, Islamic terrorism, the banking crisis, or trade.

10) Vote fraud & this frankenstein of an election is only the latest SYMPTOM of this much larger disease.
11) Pres. Donald Trump was the first one to even address this in a serious way. No, Ted Cruz's one-man "shutdown" wasn't serious. The GOP's 1995 shutdown could have been that instrument of change, but they buckled to the Hoax News media.
12) This isn't about one policy: Trump addressed MANY "elephants in the room": horrible US trade policy, destruction of American identity, all-too-easy foreign wars/involvement; goofball climate nonsense; & rising domestic lawlessness.
13) Again, these were ALL merely symptoms of the bigger problem, which was the utter failure of our gubments at ANY level to deal with the significant & to ignore the trivial.

14) Instead, we have tranny bathroom laws while entire sections of major cities are uninhabitable.
15) We have "trust the science" mask Nazis invoking data that has been shown inconclusive at best and stupidly wrong at worst.

16) We have handicapped children prevented from flying because they cannot wear a ridiculous do-nothing mask.

17) We have soaring depression & suicide.

19) The big, obvious problem, is we have an enemy, China, who has used a bioweapon on us without an ounce of retaliation; a political class
that is either oblivious to China or paid by them . . .
19) contd (little plug for the new multi-part serise in https://t.co/bOWlAohlh9 by @STUinSD & myself on the Chicom infestation of America) . . .
20) And we have gubment institutions virtually failing to operate a the local, state, & federal level in EVERY branch except the Presidency---and that's about to fall.

21) We have a Supreme Court that will not even hear a constitutional challenge about the 14th Amendment.
22) We have a House of Representatives that, even before Botoxic and her fascist ilk got in, was utterly irrelevant & which had stopped doing its Constitutional job nearly 30 years ago.
23) We have state legislatures that do not even KNOW that their Constitutional charge is to override the popular vote if that vote is ascertained to be fraudulent or illegal.

24) We have a Senate made up of old rich people whose only purpose in life is to entertain a lobbyist.
25) We have a worthless & corrupt bureaucracy that puts to shame the hideous kleptocracies of the Chinese dynasties.

26) We have a dicknipple spooge-spewing hate-mongering Hoax Media that doesn't come without a star system of reporting fact or news.
27) We have culture generators who drop like paralytics into the latest sexual fad or gubment propaganda wishlist and who view it as come sort of cosmic contest to see who can get the most naked & most profane during their careers.
28) We have sports & athletics that no longer are competitions about human achievement but are bulbous political wishlists of grievances played out on taxpayer-funded stadiums while preaching about non-existent ills inflicted on millionaires.
29) Back to the main point: when a society at all levels refuses to address the SIGNIFICANT & instead obsesses over the TRIVIAL, nothing works.

30) Health systems don't work, commerce doesn't work, entertainment doesn't work, & obviously gubment doesn't work.
31) This is precisely where the US was int he 1850s. For decade after decade, Americans ignored the SIGNIFICANT issue that had to be addressed & corrected: slavery. Instead they focused on everything else, which meant that slavery pushed itself back into every single issue.
32) And no, I don't think a "civil war" in the 1960s sense is even possible, certainly not likely. But history will RESEMBLE itself & this will play out somehow, because . . .

33) The SIGNIFICANT will not be made insignificant & the TRIVIAL will never be singnificant.
34) I don't know how this will play out, but at some point INSTITUTIONS have to do their job. History will FORCE them to do their jobs, one way or another, or someone/something else will take them over & do their jobs for them.
35) Donald Trump was the best hope of forcing this turn, this awakening, this realignment.

36) Without a leader such as Trump, the forces that will require this change will not be nearly so gentle or kind.

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