It was Ved Vyas who edited the eighteen thousand shlokas of Bhagwat. This book destroys all your sins. It has twelve parts which are like kalpvraksh.

In the first skandh, the importance of Vedvyas

and characters of Pandavas are described by the dialogues between Suutji and Shaunakji. Then there is the story of Parikshit.
Next there is a Brahm Narad dialogue describing the avtaar of Bhagwan. Then the characteristics of Puraan are mentioned.
It also discusses the evolution of universe.( )

Next is the portrayal of Vidur and his dialogue with Maitreyji. Then there is a mention of Creation of universe by Brahma and the preachings of Sankhya by Kapil Muni.
In the next section we find the portrayal of Sati, Dhruv, Pruthu, and the story of ancient King, Bahirshi.
In the next section we find the character of King Priyavrat and his sons, different types of loks in this universe, and description of Narak. ( )
In the sixth part we find the portrayal of Ajaamil ( ), Daksh and the birth of Marudgans( )

In the seventh section we find the story of Prahlad and the description of Varnashram dharma. This section is based on karma vaasna.
In the eighth section, there is a mention of the story of Gajendra Moksha, Samudra manthan and Matsya avtaar.

In the ninth section we can read about Chandra vansh and Suryavansh.

In the tenth section we find the Krishna leela, stay in Mathura and Dwarka and taking away
the enormous load of Prithvi,
In the eleventh section we can hear the dialogue between Narad and Vasudev, dialogue between Dattatreya and Yadu, between Udhav and Krishna and the destruction of the Yadav's.

In the twelfth section we get to see description of future Kings,
dharma during Kaliyug, the division of Vedas( ), tapasya of Markandeyaji, description of vibhuties of Suryadev and description of number of Shlokas ( ).
This Puraan benefits not only the reader, but the listeners, speaker, preacher, and the assistant. This provides them the Moksha. Getting it written and then getting it donated on Bhadrapad Purnima, its index you attain innumerable benefits.
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Assalam Alaiki dear Sister in Islam. I hope this meets you well. Hope you are keeping safe in this pandemic. May Allah preserve you and your beloved family. I would like to address the misconception and misinterpretation in your thread. Please peruse the THREAD below.

1. First off, a disclaimer. Should you feel hurt by my words in the course of the thread, then forgive me. It’s from me and not from Islam. And I probably have to improve on my delivery. And I may not quote you verbatim, but the intended meaning would be there. Thank You!

2. Standing on Imam Shafii’s quote: “And I never debated anyone but that I did not mind whether Allah clarified the truth on my tongue or his tongue” or “I never once debated anyone hoping to win the debate; rather I always wished that the truth would come from his side.”

3. Okay, into the meat (my love for meat is showing. Lol) of the thread. Even though you didn’t mention the verse that permitted polygamy, everyone knows the verse you were talking about (Q4:3).

4. Your reasons for the revelation of the verse are strange. The first time I came across such. I had to quickly consult the books on the exegeses or tafsir of the Quran written by renowned specialists!

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