MASTER THREAD on Short Strangles.

Curated the best tweets from the best traders who are exceptional at managing strangles.

• Positional Strangles
• Intraday Strangles
• Position Sizing
• How to do Adjustments
• Plenty of Examples
• When to avoid
• Exit Criteria

How to sell Strangles in weekly expiry as explained by boss himself. @Mitesh_Engr

• When to sell
• How to do Adjustments
• Exit Criteria
Beautiful explanation on positional option selling by @Mitesh_Engr
Sir on how to sell low premium strangles yourself without paying anyone. This is a free mini course in itself.
1st Live example of managing a strangle by Mitesh Sir. @Mitesh_Engr

• Sold Strangles 20% cap used
• Added 20% cap more when in profit
• Booked profitable leg and rolled up
• Kept rolling up profitable leg
• Booked loss in calls
• Sold only puts
2nd example by @Mitesh_Engr Sir on converting a directional trade into strangles. Option Sellers can use this for consistent profit.

• Identified a reversal and sold puts

• Puts decayed a lot

• When achieved 2% profit through puts then sold calls
What to do when premiums are low? By @Mitesh_Engr

• Avoid Strangle Selling
• Wait patiently for rejection candle
• Bet heavy with a small stop loss
• Great Risk/Reward

I saw him do this live on one expiry I distinctly remember, he made good profit.
Ideal position sizing to play strangles aggressively by @Mitesh_Engr

Observe the quantity he is selling on a 20 lakh account,15 lots on 20 lakhs.

• Sold straddles aggressively
• Exited with 1% profit in a day
• Sold bullish strangles to extract more
What @_GauravVashisth looks for before selling strangles.

• Check 1 hour charts
• If in consolidation sells strangles
• If there's a breakout of a level sells directionally
According to @_GauravVashisth strangles shouldn't be sold when

• Market closes at day high/low
• Probability of a big move is higher
• Probability of a severe gap up/gap down is higher

You can check my thread out on @_GauravVashisth logics here 👇
This is a very nice thread by @Pathik_Trader Sir where he says Strangles are better than Straddles. Also covers:

• Ideal Position Sizing
• How to diversify
• How to not be affected by a black swan
How @Pathik_Trader Sir keeps a stop loss in strangles?

• Premium recieved + 10% is SL.
• No need of adjustments
Multiple Examples of how @Pathik_Trader managed his strangles in multiple stocks.

• Sold Naked Puts
• When market reversed sold calls
• Rolled down calls to extract more
• Markets again reversed
• Shifted calls further otm
• Rolled up Puts
Best tweets of @sourabhsiso19 I researched on strangles. Go through all these links shared below. 👇
Intraday Bank Nifty Strangle Strategy by @jigspatel1988

• Sell highest OI calls and puts
• Have a combined SL
• Your stop loss is VWAP
• Keep trailing
Researched thoroughly for the best tweets out there by all these amazing traders.

Put these efforts of sharing by them to good use and start practicing yourselves.

With practice you'll be amazing at this too. 😃✌️

Will keep adding more tweets to this topic.


More from Aditya Todmal

Compilation of the best learnings from @BankniftyA through his tweets.

Have compiled his:

1. Expiry day trading.
2. Trade logics.
3. Multiple Charts analysis.
3. BTST criteria for stocks.

Share if you find it helpful so that everyone can benefit.

A pdf of his moneycontrol article where you can read about his journey and how he trades.

Advice on how to not let your mood influence your decisions.

Expiry day Trading:

How to become better?

When I had spoken to him on phone he advised me to backtest all expiries and rigorously practice them again and again to develop conviction. Superb advice!

Acts based on support and resistance levels from charts

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Welcome new followers, I trade options for a living. This is master thread.

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New blog: Should you become a full-time trader - Fuck No !!

How to adjust a short strangle position. I might follow it up with couple of simulation videos if there is enough interest/motivation.

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