All Key points of free straddle webinar are summarized by @Scaliuminvest team.
Points Covered
1. When to initiate straddle
2. How to decide initial SL
3. How to trail SL
4. How to do adjustments in trending market

Thanks to @jitendrajain @yogeshnanda1 and @yogeeswarpal for this.

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Here are my TOP 10 BEST TWEETS of the week: 10th September.🧵

• Psychological mistakes to avoid
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• Calenders strategy
• 3 great books on trading stocks.
• Various risks and how to manage.
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Psychological mistakes to

Iron fly strategy

Calenders strategy to give you consistent

Compounding is

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The entire discussion around Facebook’s disclosures of what happened in 2016 is very frustrating. No exec stopped any investigations, but there were a lot of heated discussions about what to publish and when.

In the spring and summer of 2016, as reported by the Times, activity we traced to GRU was reported to the FBI. This was the standard model of interaction companies used for nation-state attacks against likely US targeted.

In the Spring of 2017, after a deep dive into the Fake News phenomena, the security team wanted to publish an update that covered what we had learned. At this point, we didn’t have any advertising content or the big IRA cluster, but we did know about the GRU model.

This report when through dozens of edits as different equities were represented. I did not have any meetings with Sheryl on the paper, but I can’t speak to whether she was in the loop with my higher-ups.

In the end, the difficult question of attribution was settled by us pointing to the DNI report instead of saying Russia or GRU directly. In my pre-briefs with members of Congress, I made it clear that we believed this action was GRU.