I just watched this incredible video, and all I can say is that if you are committed to your purpose, your truth and your path in life, I'd encourage you to watch this video below, as I have, and I have some information and a decode from Gematria too:

@stormis_us has done a wonderful job collating the texts for us

The video is powerful, and aligns directly with the knowledge I have both from God directly, my own knowing, and many years of research, and while I know it is difficult at first to either a) accept that the bible has any real value, or b) accept that it is in any way imperfect
depending on which camp you are in, I am someone who is in powerful alignment with the Truth of God, and do not like deception on any level, as anyone who knows me will attest to, I am a warrior for the real truth, of real history.
I've been delving into this heinous crime against humanity for many years. The Vatican is a repulsive organisation that needs to be destroyed immediately for the horrendous ways it has interfered with the Word of God, and suppressed our knowledge, our birthright from people
that continue to surface since the 1940's. Far from being open and sharing these discoveries with the public, the Vatican instead sought to suppress this knowledge, and hid it from public view, spending over a million dollars to erect poisonous gas storages aimed at anyone who
attempted to access the knowledge contained in the scrolls. Why would anyone go to such lengths? The video explains it and is worth every word, I wept to the truth of this knowledge deeply where the readings are deliberately changed, ommitted and altered that are SACRED TEXTS
and instead let the translators describe, eliminate and change to their own discretion.

The fact is, we are not alone, and we never will and never will be. We are each born with an angelic being, which I suggested in my live earlier today and they hold the keys to knowledge
around physical and spiritual healing that they invest billions of dollars in, to keep big pharma, pay-per sciences and other stakeholders quiet to ensure that we are force fed their 'solutions' instead. Soon the secrets of longevity will also be revealed, as well as the fact
other planets sustain life (like the dreams I have had), on Venus, Marks, and Jupiter with lush and beautiful lands that have been hidden from us. It's all contained in the scrolls along with information about our connection with ancient realms via Angelic Guardians to help
See below for a Gematria Decode on what it has to say to us about the scrolls. Please note, I have not read the Dead Sea Scrolls, there are over 800 of them, but I have studied at length their impact on the planet:
Gematria show us 525: 12 (Divine Government)
Not only is there a Heavenly Father who protects and loves us, there is also a Heavenly Queen.
Patterns of knowing & wisdom is Gnosis. This bedded deep within us and is there for those of us who have a yearning to know more about the truth: the secrets of the universe are found within!
Gematria has quoted me exactly ha! It's as if God is speaking through my own thoughts - that's exactly what Gnosis is
Gematria advises that the way the scrolls were prepared, they were wisdom codes, from the Essenes (I was an Essene and I am sure many of you were as well). The Wisdom Codes are held in the Dead Sea Scrolls as ordained by God, to be recorded as a life reference.
Powerful insights here, the Cabaal has to go - they are a blight on humanity and their control with the Vatican, they know "who controls the past, controls the future". I am passionate about real history and see the same thing every time I travel to Egypt.
The year of the Rapture: 2020
The time has come ... and God has shared many times he will spare nothing to destroy the evil on Earth.
But good folks have nothing to hide: we are all powerful beings who are loved unconditionally. We need don't need to have any fear.
All beings, men and women with virtues are beloved of God.
God's exceptional light knows no bounds.
Twitters days are truly numbered.
Those who stand up for the Truth will be hated by those who oppose God. Those people are loved dearly by God and he does not forget.
God is all too aware of the gaslighting they indulge in, to make us wrong.
Gematria will make no sense to those who are not pure of heart.
He is my hero, I adore what God is prepared to do for us.
Humans and Earth are hot his.... and they are no longer welcome. YES!!
Reasons the Vatican wouldn't let us learn Astrology.... we don't have to hate on Saturn
Satan thinks he has one over us, he is wrong.

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This is definitely a cry for help ... see Gematria below... https://t.co/MoMT21EYD5


This is what the nurses and doctors are really expressing ๐Ÿ‘‡

They are the โ€œsacrificial offeringsโ€

We are reminded to contribute to have faith

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Russia hasn't been a willing partner in this treaty for almost 3 decades. We should have ended the pretense long ago.

Naturally, Rand Paul is telling anyone who will listen to him that Trump is making a HUGE MISTAKE here.

Rand is just like his dad, Ron. 100% isolationist.

They've never grasped that 100% isolationist is not 'America First' when you examine it. It really means 'America Alone'.

The consistent grousing of pursuing military alliances with allies - like Trump is doing now with Saudi Arabia.

So of course Rand has also spent the last 2 days loudly calling for Trump to kill the arms deal with Saudi Arabia and end our alliance with them.

What Obama was engineering with his foreign policy was de facto isolationism: pull all the troops out of the ME, abandon the region to Iranian control as a client state of Russia.

Obama wasn't building an alliance with Iran; he was facilitating abandoning the ME to Iran.

Obama wouldn't even leave behind a token security force, so of course what happened was the rise of ISIS. He also pumped billions of dollars into the Iranian coffers, which the Mullah's used to fund destabilizing activity [wars/terrorism] & criminal enterprises all over the globe