You might remember my 3 prior threads on how

Here's the 4th installment.
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Welcome to Greta's 4th edition of #Tesla customers getting used and abused. Because that's the Elon Musk way.
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"The best service is no service." - Elon Musk a.k.a. #SpaceKaren
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#Tesla $TSLA $TSLAQ 3/22
These #Tesla customers represent just the very tip of the iceberg. They are ones who have Twitter, have decided to complain about their #TeslaServiceIssues publicly, and were found by yours truly.
@yanismydj @hajelatweets @AlanHeldman @francislongo5 $TSLA $TSLAQ 4/22
Dear #Tesla customers: In California, if your vehicle has been out of service for >30 days total, it's a lemon. You can get punitive damages and attorney's fees. Don't sit around and take Elon's abuse. @13arm13arm @cecimar12 @richardson_skip @shootinglee $TSLA $TSLAQ 5/22
Is this "FUD"? I didn't make any of these customers complain. #Tesla and #SpaceKaren did.
@scorpionstriker @nd3423 @rammler31 @twit0007 $TSLA $TSLAQ 6/22
"1 year later, still being fobbed off."

"The worst thing is, I adore #Tesla, in love with the brand, the cars, everything about the mission... I've even referred 21 people in the past year."

I feel bad for the other customers in this thread. Except this guy.
Dr. Earl Banning, Kristen Yamamoto, Kim Paquette, Bonnie Norman, Omar Qazi, Vivien Hantusch, Chao Zhou, Alex Voigt, Sean Mitchell, Sofiaan Fraval, Ben Sullins, Gali Russell & Ross Gerber.

None of these #Tesla cultists will help these customers. #SpaceKaren $TSLA $TSLAQ 8/22
Still waiting for "reporters" Simon Alvarez, Fred Lambert, Johnna Crider, Vincent Yu, Maria Merano, Evelyn Arevalo, Eva Fox, Matt Pressman, Tom Randall and Tim Higgins to write a story on #TeslaServiceIssues.

Nah. Let's write about a tunnel rendering instead. $TSLA $TSLAQ 9/22
"I am having a problem with #Tesla not paying off my trade in of my Tesla Model 3. Today is the cutoff date for the payoff otherwise the interest will accrue further."
@tamterror @shaohuayahoo @akshu_says @genyosai
$TSLA $TSLAQ 10/22
Hey Sawyer Merritt, Jessica Meckmann, Tilman Winkler, Sean Mitchell, Eli Burton, Warren Redlich, Mayur Thaker,
David Tayar & Gary Black, when you stock pumpers get a chance, maybe you can help real #Tesla customers?
@jamielbridgers @Cars_are_fun @brandstefan
$TSLA $TSLAQ 11/22
Here's something interesting, maybe Fred Lambert will get right on it: #TESLA IS STILL SCREWING PAYING CUSTOMERS OVER FAILING MCUs
$TSLA $TSLAQ 12/22
🚨 "As I approach my 4th year in my #Tesla, I contemplate what is more useless... the ever-malfunctioning $80K whoopee cushion on wheels they named the Model X or the miserable customer service. Other than that I love it." @djedmcdonald @sshenoy76 @walkingdisabled @mlap1 13/22
Oh boy, we are a long ways away from being done. Just imagine how many other #Tesla customers there are screaming into the void. @darrensc0tt @jeffbodeau @bholdmph @mmichaels $TSLA $TSLAQ 14/22
Hey @ValueAnalyst1, you've got a big bullhorn, do these #TeslaServiceIssues concern you even a little? Or are you back to stonk price bro?
@will_walsh @michael60702066 @jonskatz @BrunoFracassa $TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla 15/22
More and more and more customers are getting completely fed up. Thankfully, customers also have the Niro, Ioniq, Taycan, I-PACE, Leaf, ID.3/4, Mach-E, and many Chinese EVs to choose from.
@dadsoutrunning @JackSonmez77 @IrvRodriguez_ @ChrisHubert80 $TSLA $TSLAQ 16/22
Go ahead, #Tesla cultists. Accuse these customers of "spreading FUD". I dare you.
@plugincarguy @dallals @bkane720 @codingmark
#Hypocrites #TeslaServiceIssues $TSLA $TSLAQ 17/22
Look at the timestamps on each of these #Tesla customers' tweets. These are all new, all recent since my last thread. This is not "FUD". This is an ongoing, worsening, and irredeemable crisis.
@jeuno @raffaeru @sasikanaparthy @mbentz99 $TSLA $TSLAQ 18/22
Remember how Omar Qazi tried to take down this account? Or how #SpaceKaren's trolls engaged in a concerted effort to suspend this account? The truth is right here, and they don't want it to get out. @lisastockwell @mcrown33 @TechPreacher @WeberMarty $TSLA $TSLAQ 19/22
"Tesla Service is ridiculous. Only care about Q4 delivery and stock price." Well said, @niravp44
@neveratrueword @go_go_electric @drmarkevin $TSLA $TSLAQ 20/22
Tent made garbage. Trash quality service. That's the #Tesla way. #TeslaServiceIssues
@MrNYC @davidcwg @bmwm32008 @aamorosojr6 $TSLA $TSLAQ 21/22
Not even #Tesla tequila customers have been spared from the harm. Hey @PwC, what's the tally for how much Elon's going to make from ignoring these customers?

I will never stop. Because Elon never stops screwing people over.
#SpaceKaren $TSLA $TSLAQ 22/22

More from Tech

I could create an entire twitter feed of things Facebook has tried to cover up since 2015. Where do you want to start, Mark and Sheryl? https://t.co/1trgupQEH9

Ok, here. Just one of the 236 mentions of Facebook in the under read but incredibly important interim report from Parliament. ht @CommonsCMS

Let’s do another, this one to Senate Intel. Question: “Were you or CEO Mark Zuckerberg aware of the hiring of Joseph Chancellor?"
Answer "Facebook has over 30,000 employees. Senior management does not participate in day-today hiring decisions."

Or to @CommonsCMS: Question: "When did Mark Zuckerberg know about Cambridge Analytica?"
Answer: "He did not become aware of allegations CA may not have deleted data about FB users obtained through Dr. Kogan's app until March of 2018, when
these issues were raised in the media."

If you prefer visuals, watch this short clip after @IanCLucas rightly expresses concern about a Facebook exec failing to disclose info.
On Wednesday, The New York Times published a blockbuster report on the failures of Facebook’s management team during the past three years. It's.... not flattering, to say the least. Here are six follow-up questions that merit more investigation. 1/

1) During the past year, most of the anger at Facebook has been directed at Mark Zuckerberg. The question now is whether Sheryl Sandberg, the executive charged with solving Facebook’s hardest problems, has caused a few too many of her own. 2/

2) One of the juiciest sentences in @nytimes’ piece involves a research group called Definers Public Affairs, which Facebook hired to look into the funding of the company’s opposition. What other tech company was paying Definers to smear Apple? 3/ https://t.co/DTsc3g0hQf

3) The leadership of the Democratic Party has, generally, supported Facebook over the years. But as public opinion turns against the company, prominent Democrats have started to turn, too. What will that relationship look like now? 4/

4) According to the @nytimes, Facebook worked to paint its critics as anti-Semitic, while simultaneously working to spread the idea that George Soros was supporting its critics—a classic tactic of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. What exactly were they trying to do there? 5/

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Recently, the @CNIL issued a decision regarding the GDPR compliance of an unknown French adtech company named "Vectaury". It may seem like small fry, but the decision has potential wide-ranging impacts for Google, the IAB framework, and today's adtech. It's thread time! 👇

It's all in French, but if you're up for it you can read:
• Their blog post (lacks the most interesting details):
• Their high-level legal decision: https://t.co/hwpiEvjodt
• The full notification: https://t.co/QQB7rfynha

I've read it so you needn't!

Vectaury was collecting geolocation data in order to create profiles (eg. people who often go to this or that type of shop) so as to power ad targeting. They operate through embedded SDKs and ad bidding, making them invisible to users.

The @CNIL notes that profiling based off of geolocation presents particular risks since it reveals people's movements and habits. As risky, the processing requires consent — this will be the heart of their assessment.

Interesting point: they justify the decision in part because of how many people COULD be targeted in this way (rather than how many have — though they note that too). Because it's on a phone, and many have phones, it is considered large-scale processing no matter what.
The October Surprise of 2020: a #qanon and #BigDickAnon read.

I don't think it's a coincidence that BDA posted the Seven Days In May trailer on the same day President Trump tweeted this out:



The President also just retweeted this:



It's the Hillary Clinton private email server bit I'm interested in. Because Q told us what was on it.


Let's go through it.

2011 Shuttle Program terminated by Hussein.
US loses space dominance.

Then a link to a Fox News story (now 404) that said the Oboma administration knew about NK's miniaturized nukes.