I didn't have a picture handy to post today for my sleep-picture, so here's an old picture of when we brought in our recliner and Babby SCSI thought it was a fun new toy to climb on

she also liked to get in the way of keyboard repair process
her favorite youtuber was @TheCaptainSauce
and sometimes she'd just hang out near the keyboard and be like "why are you reading wikipedia and not PETTING ME?"
sometimes she was unaware that an evil wizard was sneaking up on her
and occasionally she'd tried to steal my DC power adapters
but THE TRAP WAS SPRUNG and then she was captured.
we got a carrier thing so we could take her to the veterinarian and we were afraid she wouldn't want to get in it.
so naturally she got into the box
she liked to a bite a lot, and scratch and such, so I went and got some metal-reinforced gloves to protect myself.
It didn't work. She bit right through them
and sometimes she decided I didn't need a mouse, at least not more than she needed a pillow
sometimes you wouldn't even know if she was there. you'd just be walking past a monitor and it'd attack you
she tried to learn some microcontroller programming but she wasn't very good at it
She was better at server stuff
"why do you want to use my bed, hairless ape?"
one of her favorite skills is to lay down in the middle of the floor, so that you have to step over her to get to where you need to go, and then she can attack your feet
containers are good at trapping her. you don't even need to turn them upside down, and you don't even need a lid.
just put one out, and she'll jump in.
she then spent most of the next two years learning kung-fu
BTW, I was saying "was" with SCSI because I started talking about Baby-SCSI. She's not dead or anything.

She's sleeping outside my door right now.

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Everyone likes to forget this episode just because it's terrible, but we were really sleeping on inherent comedy in a unfreezing an investor 300 years in the future and having them discover we've transitioned to a moneyless post-scarcity utopia.

it's like a classic twilight zone episode.

in fact, it IS a twilight zone episode.
The Rip Van Winkle Caper, Season 2, episode 24.
Four criminals steal a million dollars of gold bars, then put themselves in suspended animation for a hundred years to hide from the law.

they wake up, then start killing each other from mistrust, then the last one dies in the desert, as he offers a gold bar to the driver of a passing car, asking for water and a ride into town

the confused driver walks back to his car with the bar, and his wife asks what the gold bar is.
he says something like "It's gold... they used to use this for money, before we figured out a way to manufacture it."
He tosses it away, and drives off.

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