Lockpicking Floppies!

I don't know why twitter is refusing to insert a card for this one. In any case, It's the @LockPickingLwyr, and it's a floppy-drive-lock.
so I've been meaning to do a video or thread on these sorts of locks myself. I have several, of different designs.
generally they're all designed vaguely like this one: it's a plastic insert that goes into the floppy drive, then it has some bit that rotates with the key to hold itself inside.
and they pretty much universally use super-cheap low-security tubular locks like this. You can probably pick most of them with a ballpoint pen
Although I do take slight issue with the floppy drive used in the video: They use a USB floppy drive, which has a molded wavy front.
That's not the type of drive it's supposed to be used in, as you can see from the box.
If you put it into an internal 3.5" disk drive, it'll get a much tighter fit. This won't help much if at all with the security, but it'll definitely work better.
in any case, yes: they're not really designed for "serious" security.
This is basically just made for things like "we have a computer in the church office, and we're tired of bored kids installing videogames"
(my church's lounge had a little 286 in it which had scorched earth preinstalled on it, so why would we need to install games?)
ANYWAY I love that I have a personal brand such that this kind of video comes out while I'm asleep and I wake up to like 20 mentions about it
that's not sarcasm. I love that so many people across the world saw floppy disks show up on something and their first thought was FOONE MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS

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