Top 10 ways to identify a true Nigerian anywhere in the world.


1. RESPECT: Nigerians are known to be very respectful especially to Elders. A typical Yoruba person Has greetings for everything....its their culture...
2. Jollof Rice.... Show me a Nigerian that doesn't eat rice.. You can literally harvest rice on any Nigerian man/woman's head .. Rice too full their head.

Also, naija jollof has been said to be the best jollof in the world...
3. Pidgin English. Nigerians have a way of twisting every English word.

Where are you? = where you dey?
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4. UNIQUE AND HIGHLY ACCENTED ENGLISH : Our accent is unique. You might have difficulties identifying a Nigerian because we have so many unique tribes with their own languages. However, We don't confuse ‘Pastor’ with ‘Pasta’.
5. NIGERIANS DRESS UNIQUELY. Our dressing makes us stand out. You can't hate the Nigerian attire. Unique blend of colours.
6. NIGERIANS TALK LOUDLY : Whether we exchanging pleasantries or making a complaint, our voices are usually raised. Many Nigerians will argue with this.
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7. HOW WAS YOUR NIGHT ? I still don’t know the rationale behind this question but it is not uncommon for Nigerians to ask. Some nationals consider it rude and an invasion of their space
8. NIGERIANS ARE HARD WORKING : The average Nigerian is hard-working. In foreign countries, it is not uncommon to see them do many jobs to keep afloat. The professionals, work tirelessly to get to the pinnacle of their profession.
9. FLAMBOYANCE : only a Nigerian see entering a plane as an achievement. This is not their fault and This does not mean they are proud. Nigerians love to acquire the very best. It is simply enjoying the fruit of their labour
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10. Nigerians no dey carry last, last last na draw😂!!!

Nigerians succeed easily when they have a good enabling environment.
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A THREAD ON @SarangSood

Decoded his way of analysis/logics for everyone to easily understand.

Have covered:
1. Analysis of volatility, how to foresee/signs.
2. Workbook
3. When to sell options
4. Diff category of days
5. How movement of option prices tell us what will happen

1. Keeps following volatility super closely.

Makes 7-8 different strategies to give him a sense of what's going on.

Whichever gives highest profit he trades in.

2. Theta falls when market moves.
Falls where market is headed towards not on our original position.

3. If you're an options seller then sell only when volatility is dropping, there is a high probability of you making the right trade and getting profit as a result

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4. Theta decay vs Fall in vega

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Trading view scanner process -

1 - open trading view in your browser and select stock scanner in left corner down side .

2 - touch the percentage% gain change ( and u can see higest gainer of today)

3. Then, start with 6% gainer to 20% gainer and look charts of everyone in daily Timeframe . (For fno selection u can choose 1% to 4% )

4. Then manually select the stocks which are going to give all time high BO or 52 high BO or already given.

5. U can also select those stocks which are going to give range breakout or already given range BO

6 . If in 15 min chart📊 any stock sustaing near BO zone or after BO then select it on your watchlist

7 . Now next day if any stock show momentum u can take trade in it with RM

This looks very easy & simple but,

U will amazed to see it's result if you follow proper risk management.

I did 4x my capital by trading in only momentum stocks.

I will keep sharing such learning thread 🧵 for you 🙏💞🙏

Keep learning / keep sharing 🙏