How I created content in 2020

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Back in Aug 2016, I started creating content to share my experiences as an entrepreneur.
Over 3 years I had put out 1,200+ hours of content - posting every week without fail.
Little did I know that something I started almost 4 years back would give my life an entirely new direction.

At the end of 2019, my biggest platform was LinkedIn with ~700K followers.

In Jan 2020, I decided to build a team that would help me with the content.
I ran a month long recruitment drive to hire a team of interns.

It comprised 4 detailed rounds - starting with my loved 20 questions, then an assignment, then a WhatsApp video round and finally F2F.

Through 1,200+ applications, I finally selected 6 profiles, starting March.
I am a firm believer in @peterthiel's one task, one person philosophy
So the team was structured such that everyone was responsible for ONLY one task

1. Content ideas
2. Videography
3. Video editing
4. LinkedIn (+TikTok) distribution
5. FB+IG distribution
6. YouTube distribution
Today the team comprises 10 interns.
3 of them have full-time jobs
4 of them are students
3 of them are freelancers

All of them are paid the same fixed stipend (10k) - paid in advance (not end of the month)
+ 10% of the brand income every qtr is shared equally as variable
They are spread across the country
Delhi NCR

Through fixed + variable an intern stands to earn almost 2L a year, working for 10-15 hours a week!
Here they are
We call ourselves wariCrew :))
I believe creativity is a process and not some spark of brilliance that comes at unannounced times!

So we create our content as a process
1. I shoot an hour of content every Tue
2. Wed it is categorized and shared with subtitle agency + video editors + graphic designers
3. They get a week to work on them
4. Over a week, this hour of video content is converted into 80+ unique content types to be distributed across 7 different platforms
5. By next Sunday, I review all of it
6. By Monday, the team schedules the content
The same "boring" process clinically executed every week!

There is no magic wand to this, no secret sauce, no holy grail.
It is just showing up and doing the same thing over and over again, and tracking progress.
Every Monday, we catch up as a team and have a Weekly-business-review (WBR)
We go over every platform's performance, what worked, what didn't.
This takes 30 mins

For the next 30 mins one of us asks a question that everyone has to answer. Our attempt at replicating office chats!
Every platform is unique in its audience, demographic and thus requires constant context switching.

This is where most of the time and planning goes, at my end.
I spend less than 2 hours a week creating content and about 5X preparing - by reading, engaging with the audience.
I also spend a huge amount every month on software.

My usual statement to wariCrew is - you are not daily wage laborers.
You are people who have been selected for your skills and judgment.
DO NOT WASTE TIME doing things that a computer can do for you.
So my monthly software purchases are:
1. @canva: graphics
2. @envato: stock footage
3. @DescriptApp: english translation
4. Spext: translation
5. @ConvertKit: newsletter
6. @googledrive
7. @zapier
8. @zoom_us
The team also has an unlimited budget for ANY training they wish to go through, that will help them do their job faster, better.
The biggest thing for me is that I LOVE DOING THIS.
Frankly, I do not have any better answer than the fact that I truly enjoy helping people.

And everytime I get such responses, I cannot help but feel grateful for being able to do this.
I am blessed that content comes naturally to me.

I joke that I am living such an envious life where the perceived effort of what I do is quite high (people think I live my life 24x7 online) when the actual effort is quite low (I work less than 10 hours a week on this!)
Where will this take me?
I think I have some ideas.

What do I want to get out of this?
Help people make choices in life from a point of awareness and not ignorance.
Everything that we do at wariCrew is shared in this document - which is free for you to consume, download, share and replicate.

I truly feel that people have so much to offer and I wish more people shared!
As of Dec '20, brand Warikoo has 1.7Mn followers across 6 platforms, from 800K in March 2020.

Imagine how far can this go in the next decade! The opportunities, reach and impact is truly limitless.
Lessons I have learn through the journey

Consistency + Authenticity is the magic formula to crack the content game

Ideas are all around you. Do not look for original ideas. Share your take on existing ideas.
If you are not having fun while doing it, people will see through it.

Do not assume on behalf of your audience.
Share and then listen.
Listen intently.
Don't pretend to be someone else.
Be yourself and then ask, who all does this persona appeal to?
Thank you, if you are one of those who have spent your time on my content. You should know I consider it as a privilege and a responsibility.

You have added meaning to my life.
I am forever grateful :)

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10 ways I am running my current startup differently from the ones before

A thread...

Difference #1
Bootstrapped as against raising money was a venture funded company. We raised $43Mn from top investors, but I couldn’t give them a return that I would be proud of. In the process, learning how raising money works but also doesn’t work

My current startup is bootstrapped.
I do not intend to raise money for it.
It has been profitable from Day 1 and that is the way I hope it remains.

I have raised money from customers.

Difference #2
Slow and small

For the past decade, I was in the mode of fast and big.
Being fast was the only thing that mattered.
And you either go big or go home.

Today, I am taking it slow.
Slow to add costs, slow to take decisions that are irreversible.

I am patient because all good things in life take time!

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The common understanding of propaganda is that it is intended to brainwash the masses. Supposedly, people get exposed to the same message repeatedly and over time come to believe in whatever nonsense authoritarians want them to believe /1

And yet authoritarians often broadcast silly, unpersuasive propaganda.

Political scientist Haifeng Huang writes that the purpose of propaganda is not to brainwash people, but to instill fear in them /2

When people are bombarded with propaganda everywhere they look, they are reminded of the strength of the regime.

The vast amount of resources authoritarians spend to display their message in every corner of the public square is a costly demonstration of their power /3

In fact, the overt silliness of authoritarian propaganda is part of the point. Propaganda is designed to be silly so that people can instantly recognize it when they see it

Propaganda is intended to instill fear in people, not brainwash them.

The message is: You might not believe in pro-regime values or attitudes. But we will make sure you are too frightened to do anything about it.
I’ve asked Byers to clarify, but as I read this tweet, it seems that Bret Stephens included an unredacted use of the n-word in his column this week to make a point, and the column got spiked—maybe as a result?

Four times. The column used the n-word (in the context of a quote) four times.

For context: In 2019, a Times reporter was reprimanded for several incidents of racial insensitivity on a trip with high school students, including one in which he used the n-word in a discussion of racial slurs.

That incident became public late last month, and late last week, after 150 Times employees complained about how it had been handled, the reporter in question resigned.

In the course of all that, the Times' executive editor said that the paper does not "tolerate racist language regardless of intent.” This was the quote that Bret Stephens was pushing back against in his column. (Which, again, was deep-sixed by the paper.)

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