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"Suprise, Kacchan!"

Izuku happily wiggles, hopping from one foot to the other like an excitable toddler, despite the fact that he's 6 foot something and a venerable powerhouse of a pro hero.

In his hand is a plate of… something… messy from each edge.

There's a message written on top in some sort of sauce, but the sauce had gotten absorbed in the rice. The mishmashed mush of vegetables (?) kind of looked like something you would pull out of a shower drain.

But the meat looks good? Browned chicken, maybe a little overspiced.

"The hell's this?"

"I made you dinner!" Izuku ushers Katsuki towards the dining table, hardly letting him take off his jacket first.

As soon as Katsuki sits, a napkin gets shoved in his lap as if they're at a fancy restaurant. Izuku becomes a whirlwind, flitting this way

and that in their home until there are a number of candles lit.

It would make the ambiance more romantic if it wasn't still daylight outside. It was closer to lunchtime than dinner, but Katsuki would let him have this.

He, instead, stares down at [the meal] and carefully schools his features. He isn't sure if he looks deadpan or intrigued like he means to, because as soon as he looks close, the veggies /jump/ on the plate, bubbling like they're still boiling.
Friends. I would like to share my favorite food and drink discoveries from last year, many of which only came about because of the pandemic. Restaurants demonstrated their resilience and creativity month after month. Crappy photos courtesy of my phone. Long thread alert:

[email protected] still serves some of the most interesting cocktails in D.C. To get them delivered, you have to purchase one food item. That's how I continued to fall in love with their muhammara (red pepper, walnut, and breadcrumb dip with pomegranate).

[email protected]_DC shelled out for great to-go packaging worthy of what's inside. Like this tuna-only chirashi (tekka chirashi).

[email protected] is becoming one of D.C.'s longest tenured restaurants. When you're really hungry and craving Indian, try their dinner tiffin with tandoori salmon, lasooni palak, dal makhani, lemon cashew rice, and naan. The lentils are so rich and smoky.

Whenever we celebrated a special occasion with a pair of friends in the backyard, we ordered a paella feast for four from @jaleo. Comes w/ a paella of choice, gazpacho, salad, bread, tortilla Española, and flan. You can keep the paella pan!

Going to fill this thread with the updated final numbers

Prior threads are here –

➡️ Foodraiser history thread:

➡️ Initial 6th Annual data thread:

➡️ 6th Annual results photos + video thread:

You'll recall that we had to buy a sh*tload of grocery bags that were not included in our initial data thread

And then had to buy another sh*tload the next day 🤦‍♂️

Those paper bag runs added $386.94 to the expenditures ($193.47 x 2)

That put the grand total spent at $55,426.68:
➡️ $10 for cashier's check
➡️ $55,029.74 for food
➡️ $386.94 for bags

The Bag Fund donations exceeded what we needed though, so we capped 2020's #'s at actual expenditures and will hold the rest for 2021 (more on that down-thread)

Counting the new donors who contributed to The Bag Fund, and de-duplicating the folks who'd already donated to the main fundraiser, we ended up with 825 total donors
Recent @SushiSwap Youtube AMA Summary Thread.

1/ Bento timeline - New lending solution that focuses on isolated lending pairs, flexible oracles, targeted interest rates, gas optimization and flash loans. Aiming for early to mid Feb. Bento Explainer here:

2/ UI changes - Deprecating and consolidating onto one domain. New UI will cover all features. Longer term a Sushi Plugin is planned. Making it easy to incorporate Sushi into an App or website. Will attract new users (Stripe did this very well btw).

3/ Integrations with @tradingview coming. Merging of API with their trading system on Sushi trader . Will enable live Stream of prices.

4/ Collaboration & partnerships with @iearnfinance and others are to ensure they are all pushing in the same direction. Everyone helping eachother, nothing formal. Everyone sharing ideas.