I'm feeling very thankful and slightly sentimental today.

While I take a small break from editing I want to make a thread thanking all the content creators that have inspired me and how they have inspired me.

One of my biggest inspirations in the content creation game.

Lessons Learned:
The sky is the limit, if you set your expectations low then you'll get low results. If you set your expectations at infinite and work towards that you'll reach heights.
The creator I probably resonate the most with emotionally.

Lesson Learned:
There's no stop. If you mess up or something doesn't work out, just take a break then come back stronger.
Content creation is a big thing and lessons learned is better than perfection.
The creator that just feels like he's having the most fun with his content.

Lesson Learned:
Have fun, make your content "you". You might have quirks and things that you might find weird about yourself but it's all good!
Allow yourself to be you! Even a potato!
The creator I feel like is always happy and it makes me also feel happy!

Lesson Learned:
Help me Help you. Content creation isn't a competition and it's actually if anything more a group effort!
If you improve the person next to you also improves. Be inspiring!
@beckiandchris @DrChrisNicholas
The duo that I aspire to have a similar sort of dynamic with my significant other.

Lesson Learned:
Your image that people set up for you mean nothing!
Just be yourself.
Don't meet people's expectations, break them!
Say Fuck, Shit, Crap 🤣😂
The most truthful content creator, doesn't hold back and I love it.

Lessons Learned:
There is a strategy to everything, and if you want to be successful utilize everything in your arsenal to do it.
You're the only one holding yourself back from money.
Truly the stream doctor!

Lessons Learned
Even if an original idea doesn't work it doesn't hurt to pivot!
You can change your course of action and still be successful beyond belief!
Probably the "best friend you need" of youtube.

Lesson Learned:
Stay passionate and driven. Continue working hard and stay hard at work!
Work ethic = what you get out of any craft!
Kick ass and stay real with the people around you.
The camera database of YouTube

Lesson Learned:
When getting into something, do ample research. Experience is important but also understanding what you're doing and understanding how gear works also is a way to level up and can lead to new ways of creating!
Someone who I consider a best friend I've never actually met.

Lesson Learned:
Take your passions and turn them into something great and bigger than you can ever imagine.

Sometimes your dream career is already something that you might not think is possible!
Somewho who I consider a mentor and hero though I've never met him.

Lesson Learned:
Never stop, never quit.
Never take no for an answer.
Be savage, yet kind.

Being creative also includes being marketable and marketing yourself in a way that is indispensable.
The older brother that I never had but probably needed.

Lessons Learned:
Sometimes laughing at your pain is better than feeling sorry for yourself.

Understand that laughter is a universal language and is a connection point for humans.
#funnyfatfit saved me
One of the content creators that proves that it's possible to be both nice and not take any bullshit at the same time!

Lessons Learned:
You aren't only who you are because of who you know.

Being stern with people is not being mean to people!

Cats = amazing
The hair goals for every male content creator, short or long.

Lessons Learned:
You can mess up a lot, do things that you might view as cringy, but in the end you're still your own brand!

Work on being creative and people will follow!
A smile speaks a million
Probably the coolest youtube branding concept with an "AI" partner!

Lessons Learned:
Not making consistent content is better if you're willing to work on quality over quantity!

Creating amazing work that you can be proud of is more worth than overcreating!

More from Culture

I'm going to do two history threads on Ethiopia, one on its ancient history, one on its modern story (1800 to today). 🇪🇹

I'll begin with the ancient history ... and it goes way back. Because modern humans - and before that, the ancestors of humans - almost certainly originated in Ethiopia. 🇪🇹 (sub-thread):

The first likely historical reference to Ethiopia is ancient Egyptian records of trade expeditions to the "Land of Punt" in search of gold, ebony, ivory, incense, and wild animals, starting in c 2500 BC 🇪🇹

Ethiopians themselves believe that the Queen of Sheba, who visited Israel's King Solomon in the Bible (c 950 BC), came from Ethiopia (not Yemen, as others believe). Here she is meeting Solomon in a stain-glassed window in Addis Ababa's Holy Trinity Church. 🇪🇹

References to the Queen of Sheba are everywhere in Ethiopia. The national airline's frequent flier miles are even called "ShebaMiles". 🇪🇹

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A brief analysis and comparison of the CSS for Twitter's PWA vs Twitter's legacy desktop website. The difference is dramatic and I'll touch on some reasons why.

Legacy site *downloads* ~630 KB CSS per theme and writing direction.

6,769 rules
9,252 selectors
16.7k declarations
3,370 unique declarations
44 media queries
36 unique colors
50 unique background colors
46 unique font sizes
39 unique z-indices


PWA *incrementally generates* ~30 KB CSS that handles all themes and writing directions.

735 rules
740 selectors
757 declarations
730 unique declarations
0 media queries
11 unique colors
32 unique background colors
15 unique font sizes
7 unique z-indices


The legacy site's CSS is what happens when hundreds of people directly write CSS over many years. Specificity wars, redundancy, a house of cards that can't be fixed. The result is extremely inefficient and error-prone styling that punishes users and developers.

The PWA's CSS is generated on-demand by a JS framework that manages styles and outputs "atomic CSS". The framework can enforce strict constraints and perform optimisations, which is why the CSS is so much smaller and safer. Style conflicts and unbounded CSS growth are avoided.