One fascist to watch in 2021 is Joseph Charles "Oakman" Golinske of SE MI. He's been a Proud Boy for a couple years, but took a break recently from the group and promotes himself through the "Oak Nation" channel on Telegram.

Most people may be familiar with him as the tall guy in the Proud Boys bridge shot, from their August 17, 2019 attack on Portland, which featured an American Guard bus trying (and failing) to bludgeon antifascists with hammers.
He was also with his g/f at the time (Dominique Tota, left of Tarrio), and that's definitely a twitter account folks will want to block/report because he posts on it.
He's been plenty active at the pro-Covid/anti-mask/ReOpen protests in Lansing MI, seen here with Jerry Wayne and an effigy of Gretchen Whitmer, who his militia friends tried to kidnap and publicly execute.
Outside of the Proud Boys, his solo "career" with Oak Nation features the same misogyny, classism and gateway to far-right domestic terrorism the Proud Boys themselves feature. Here's him peddling oxychlorinque and bragging about harassing service workers.
He also tries to recruit with the "anti-antifa" angle (gotta be a shorter word for that). If anyone knows the eight people he's referring to (or knowledge that he made it up) we're all ears.
Earlier this year, Golinske announced he was stepping away from the Proud Boys, to deal with "personal issues", so it was an amicable parting and he may rejoin the group (officially) in the future.
We say officially, because shortly after this post, PB/III%er hanger-on Stefanie Redding hosted Golinske in Troy for a "Take Back America" (her FB hate speech forum) meet-up, and following this her counter protesters started assaulting anti-racists in Shelby Twp.
Outside of this appearance, Golinske has dropped off the publicly accessible social media landscape, with these largely inactive accounts being his footprint.
Good catch by @leftside, reposting with better image:

"What were the personal reasons for his PB departure? Likely the same reasons that caused him to bounce between Dearborn, Ypsilanti and Southgate: a decade of unpaid child support."

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