#BombayHighCourt will pronounce its verdict in a batch of PILs filed against #mediatrials in the wake of reportage relating to the death of Bollywood actor #SushanthSinghRajput at 11 am today.

Judgment will be rendered by Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

Read a summary of arguments made during the hearing here: https://t.co/UNknYxor8k
Bench has assembled.
Bench: By mistake we have not provided link to today’s hearing. So what we will do is provide the link to today’s hearing and then pronounce judgement at 2.30 pm.
Bench will pronounce judgment at 2.30 pm today.
Bench assembles for pronouncement of judgment.
Bench: After noting the facts and arguments advanced by parties we have over ruled the preliminary objection of maintainability.
Bench: there are 5 legal questions which we have answered.
Media trial fall within restriction of programme code : we have said yes.
Bench: The guidelines framed by PCI should be followed by print media also.

Has media coverage in the present case amounts to criminal contempt?
Some reporting by republic TV and times Now we found contemptuous but we have refrained from passing any orders on it,
Bench: because of nature of proceedings.
Bench: We direct the press and print media to refrain from depicting and stating following things:
In death by suicide to depict the victim as weak would create aspersions on the investigation.
Publishing statements in the investigation.
Bench: Reconstructing or recreating the crime scene or leaking any sensitive information to be refrained.
Bench: The norms of journalistic standards and code of ethics to be followed.
Bench: While emphasising the need for complete investigation, the investigation agencies are under no obligation to disclose information.
Bench: one suggestion of Mr Datar seema to be useful. The investigation agency may appoint one officer to provide credible information as the officer deems fit to answer queries of journalists and provide information imp for public to know.
Bench: Trial by media in ongoing investigation leads to interference and obstruction of justice and amounts to contempt.
Bench: 4 writ petitions disposed off as per the judgment and 1 is dismissed.

Findings are for the purpose of adjudication of this writ petitions not on the subject matter.
Bench also clarified that contempt of court proceedings can be initiated only after the judicial proceedings have commenced and not after FIR is filed.
Corrigendum: Bench: guidelines of PCI will apply to electronic media along with print media till the time electronic media comes up with its own guidelines.

Media trial an interference in criminal probe: Bombay High Court issues slew of directions to be followed by media; PCI guidelines to apply to TV

#mediatrial #SushantSinghRajput #BombayHighCourt

Scathing indictment by Bombay High Court on reportage of Sushant Singh Rajput suicide by new channels, particularly Times Now and Republic.

Reportage "in brazen disregard of rule of law the edifice on which country's Constitution rest," the High Court said.

"In an attempt to outsmart each other, the two channels started a vicious campaign of masquerading as crusaders of truth and justice," Bombay High Court on @TimesNow and @republic

#SushantSinghRajput #mediatrial #BombayHighCourt
"In the process, they cared less for rights of other stakeholders, threw the commands of CrPC and all sense of propriety to the wind," Bombay High Court.

@TimesNow @republic

#BombayHighCourt #SushanthSinghRajput #mediatrial
Crucially, the High Court also gave a clean chit to Mumbai Police stating that as per the Supreme Court's August 2020 order, the Mumbai Police cannot be accused of any wrong doing and criticism by media seems to be not fair.

@DGPMaharashtra @MumbaiPolice


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