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1. News: WATCH: Oregon School TEACHER Has Complete Meltdown at Anti-Lockdown Protesters... Screams “B-TCH KILL YOURSELF”-

-Thread 12.07.2020

Typical Biden Supporter. #Parents #Parents #Children #SaveTheChildren

2. News: Georgia: Biden Supporter Ruby Freeman Lawyers Up, Cancels Interview —

“I Won’t Be Able to Be Interviewed – I Need an Attorney”

- Thread 12.07.20 #Georgia #Election #Ballots #BIDEN

3. News: Election Day Info BLACKOUT Shows US Media Is No Friend Of The People. Americans Must Demand Better #EnemyOfThePeople

4. News: Iran Says Nuclear Scientist Was Assassinated Using Satellite-Controlled Gun

5. News: Bankers & Traders Deemed "Essential", Will Receive Priority Access For COVID Vaccines