There are so many tools related to trading.

But very few provide any real value.

Here are 7 of the most valuable FREE Tools you're not using (but should be): 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

@niki_poojary 1/ Opstra by @Definedge:

- Best Strategy Builder
- Options Portfolio feature to track and analyze trades

I use this extensively whether it is to check the returns of a strategy or its breakevens.

Go to tool for traders, number 1 on my list.

@niki_poojary @Definedge 2/ @tradingview

Easily the best charting platform.

Haven't opened a single broker's chart since then.

Multiple hacks to get its premium features for free in the thread below.

Let's dive in ↓

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview 3/ @ZerodhaVarsity

Collection of stock market and financial lessons.

The value is worth more than 50k minimum.

Can increase knowledge on just about everything in trading including:

- Technical Analysis
- Fundamentals
- Options Strategies
- Futures

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity 4/ Chartink by @ChartinkConnect

Best screener website.

Free scanners are available to use during live markets.

Can also check charts with different indicators.

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect 5/ @Investingcom

This is what traders use to determine and check upcoming events in the global markets or about particular stocks.

It was once the number 1 most used website for traders, but its popularity has slowly decreased.

Still pretty useful.

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect @Investingcom 6/ @BeSensibull

Allows you to log in from your broking account into sensibull.

Then can check your position's payoff for free.

The biggest competitor for opstra but Sensibull is number #2 for me in that race.

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect @Investingcom @BeSensibull 7/ @quantsapp

Tracks data like:

- Futures Built-up
- Option chain
- Overall market breadth
- Options data

@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect @Investingcom @BeSensibull @quantsapp If you enjoyed this thread here's another one:

More from Aditya Todmal

Compilation of the best learnings from @BankniftyA through his tweets.

Have compiled his:

1. Expiry day trading.
2. Trade logics.
3. Multiple Charts analysis.
3. BTST criteria for stocks.

Share if you find it helpful so that everyone can benefit.

A pdf of his moneycontrol article where you can read about his journey and how he trades.

Advice on how to not let your mood influence your decisions.

Expiry day Trading:

How to become better?

When I had spoken to him on phone he advised me to backtest all expiries and rigorously practice them again and again to develop conviction. Superb advice!

Acts based on support and resistance levels from charts
TradingView isn't just charts

It's much more powerful than you think

9 things TradingView can do, you'll wish you knew yesterday: 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1/ Free Multi Timeframe Analysis

Step 1. Download Vivaldi Browser

Step 2. Login to trading view

Step 3. Open bank nifty chart in 4 separate windows

Step 4. Click on the first tab and shift + click by mouse on the last tab.

Step 5. Select "Tile all 4 tabs"

What happens is you get 4 charts joint on one screen.

Refer to the attached picture.

The best part about this is this is absolutely free to do.

Also, do note:

I do not have the paid version of trading view.

2/ Free Multiple Watchlists

Go through this informative thread where @sarosijghosh teaches you how to create multiple free watchlists in the free

3/ Free Segregation into different headers/sectors

You can create multiple sections sector-wise for free.

1. Long tap on any index/stock and click on "Add section above."
2. Secgregate the stocks/indices based on where they belong.

Kinda like how I did in the picture below.

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Unfortunately the "This work includes the identification of viral sequences in bat samples, and has resulted in the isolation of three bat SARS-related coronaviruses that are now used as reagents to test therapeutics and vaccines." were BEFORE the

chimeric infectious clone grants were there. is in 2017, Rs4231. is in 2016, RsSHC014 and RsWIV16. is in 2013, RsWIV1. notice that this is before the beginning of the project

starting in 2016. Also remember that they told about only 3 isolates/live viruses. RsSHC014 is a live infectious clone that is just as alive as those other "Isolates".

P.D. somehow is able to use funds that he have yet recieved yet, and send results and sequences from late 2019 back in time into 2015,2013 and 2016! Ref 3: Why ALL your pangolin samples were PCR negative? to avoid deep sequencing and accidentally reveal Paguma Larvata and Oryctolagus Cuniculus?
10 incredible free websites that will make you more intelligent (if you let them):

#1: Information is beautiful

Information is beautiful distills data, information, and knowledge into beautiful, useful graphics & diagrams.

The site is dedicated to helping you make clearer, more informed decisions about the world.

#2: Kialo

Kialo allows you to see arguments on both sides of any debate in the world.

As Charlie Munger said, “I never let myself hold an opinion on anything that I don't know the other side's argument better than they do.”

Kialo helps you do that.

#3: System

System is a free, open, and living public resource that aims to explain how anything in the world is related to everything else.

It comprises thousands of relationships between hundreds of topics, and counting.

#4: Class Central

Find the best online courses in the world, all in one place.

Class Central aggregates courses from:
• 1000 Universities (Harvard, Stanford, etc.)
• 70 Providers (Coursera, Udemy, etc.)
• 600 Institutions (Google, Amazon, etc.)
TRADING is difficult (until you read this)

A compilation of 15 threads are no less than a 50,000₹ course !

15 threads 🧵 that can solve 15% of your trading problems ✅⚡️

Apart from trading if you need any side income this can be a great hack !

Many of these work.

Experience shared in 12 tips !

10 rules for successful trading. They might help yall !

29 principles of trading - all summed up at once !

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@EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad B.1.1.7 reveals clearly that SARS-CoV-2 is reverting to its original pre-outbreak condition, i.e. adapted to transgenic hACE2 mice (either Baric's BALB/c ones or others used at WIV labs during chimeric bat coronavirus experiments aimed at developing a pan betacoronavirus vaccine)

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 1. From Day 1, SARS-COV-2 was very well adapted to humans .....and transgenic hACE2 Mice

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 2. High Probability of serial passaging in Transgenic Mice expressing hACE2 in genesis of SARS-COV-2

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad B.1.1.7 has an unusually large number of genetic changes, ... found to date in mouse-adapted SARS-CoV2 and is also seen in ferret infections.

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad We adapted a clinical isolate of SARS-CoV-2 by serial passaging in the ... Thus, this mouse-adapted strain and associated challenge model should be ... (B) SARS-CoV-2 genomic RNA loads in mouse lung homogenates at P0 to P6.