British instructors train Ukrainian military to operate NLAW tank killers (Jan 25th 2022)

"The studies began on Jan. 25 at the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 184th Training Center in Lviv Oblast, under guidance of British personnel, part of Operation ORBITAL"

2015- 2021: JMTG-U in Yavoriv:

“The training here improves the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s capability, readiness & lethality”

“Together, this training group is helping to forge a new kind of NATO-compatible professional fighting force in Ukraine,”
Early Days (2015)

"US has taken over costs of joint operations
It is important for them that soldiers who fought in Eastern Ukraine participate in the exercises
80 % of the soldiers now here at Yavoriv have served on the front lines in Donetsk & Luhansk"
Centuria-Azov -Lyiv Presence

Far-Right Group Made Its Home in Ukraine’s Major Western Military Training Hub (September 21, 2021)

PDF (93 Pages of Photographic Evidence)
2021 - Yavoriv Training

"Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, visited Yavoriv training fields, the Centre for Simulation of Combat Operations, and talked to servicemen of the partner countries.. in particular, foreign military instructors"
2020 Article

Since 2014, the US has provided Ukraine with 1.6 billion $ worth of military aid, or 33% of Ukraine’s military budget this year.

Yavoriv exercise range near Lviv where U.S. instructors train Ukrainian soldiers was modernised using US funds
Yavoriv JMTG-U @JMTG_Ukraine Tweets (1)
Rapid Trident October 2021
April 3, 2012 Video

173rd Airborne Sky Soldiers jump into Ukraine

Staff Sgt. Travis Surber, paratrooper with 173rd Brigade Combat Team's Battle Company parachutes out of a C-130 Hercules Transport Aircraft into the Ukraine sky.
27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (2018)

Taking a ride on the wild side of a BTR-80 during an amphibious training event conducted by the 2-80th Air Assault Brigade (Ukrainian) overseen by mentors of the 27th IBCT
Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine (JMTGU)

"Task Force Gator works with Armed Forces of Ukraine partners at the Combat Training Center - Yavoriv to develop and implement systems to improve combat training and increase training center capacity"
Rapid Trident Videos & Images

1. US Advisors observe Ukrainian platoon attack

2. Ukrainian soldiers conduct urban operations

3. Task Force Illini Javelin training team
US, NATO,Ukraine enhance interoperability (2021)

Brig. Gen. Vladyslav Klochkov:

“This exercise is an important step toward Ukraine's European integration. It will improve the level of interoperability between Armed Forces of Ukraine, US & NATO partners”
Visual Evidence
In Ukraine, the US Trains an Army in the West to Fight in the East (October 2017)

"For more than two years, some 300 American soldiers have been quietly helping train an enormous partner military in western Ukraine"
LANDCOM-Ukraine Letter of Cooperation (2018)
Google Search Images (Last Year)

"yavoriv lviv military instructors"
100 + British troops are training Ukrainian forces

Most of them are located in the town of Yavorov

Team of SAS veterans joining Ukraine's bloody fight

Among them are snipers, and anti-aircraft/anti-tank missiles experts
Former MI6 Chief John Sawers warns

1. "Putin’s fiddling with nuclear levels means we must not to cross the line & engage Russia directly”

2. Danger of backing Putin into a corner

“We need to be incredibly careful, we must leave Putin a way out of this”
Putin's Trap or NATO's Trap?

In the video linked above, John Sawers talks of rat traps.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi also talks of traps:

"Putin is trying to bait the trap so that we go in, and that's the beginning – could be the beginning of World War III"
"We are not going in," she said, according to NBC Los Angeles. "Putin is not going to provoke the world, NATO, and the rest of us into World War III."
Update on Lviv Yavoriv Attack

35 people died and another 134 were injured in the shelling of the Yavoriv test site
Scott Ritter, former US Navy intelligence officer. in a Bad Mood

"We trained Nazis"

"The first troops trained by US and British soldiers were the neo-Nazi Azov battalion"
The Azov Regiment is armed with grenade launchers from the United States - according to "BellingCat"
Many "Volunteers" were at the Yavoriv base as well as NATO Instructors
Updates on the #Yavoriv attack are coming in, mainly about Portuguese, French and Brazilian mercenaries who died there


Thiago Rossi, ex soldier, one of some Brazilians who survived and left


He was lightly wounded and headed back on a bus to Poland
2 French Dead Mercenaries?
Maybe one of the Warsaw group who went, Italians and French
According to @FlightsSlow

"There were two attacks. One in Yavoriv training ground and one in the junction just outside taking out those that escaped the first"
Swedish & Norwegians

Swedish foreign warrior on Sunday's attack: -A burning hell

Foreign fighter Jesper Söder (31) tells VG that he evacuated at least one Norwegian after the bomb attack on a military base near the border with Poland on Sunday morning.
Söder was ordered to gather everyone & evacuate by bus

"I gathered all Norwegians, Swedes, Danes & Finns. As many as I could.we received information that Russian troops would enter. That's why I said, 'We have an hour. Then they will strike again and completely destroy the base"
Interview with Soder (Swedish)

and film of aftermath
American mercenary group going by the name:

"Forward Observations Group -FOG-

Some may have been killed in the attack
One of the American mercenaries took a photo after the Russian cruise missile attack on the Yavoriv site in the Lviv region on the morning of 03/13/22.

The photo was published by the New York Times
Videos of Aftermath of Russian airstrike on Yavoriv military base in Ukraine



However much NATO training is given, however much military experience these mercenaries have, there is not much they can do if they are asleep in their barracks when cruise missiles start exploding.
unroll Yavoriv attack @threadreaderapp

Images via @reuters
Updates #Yavoriv interview with alleged "boogaloo boi" talking about the strikes and dead British and US mercenaries

images via @dumbandawful
3 or more British ex-special forces troops may have been killed in the Russian airstrike on Yavoriv.

"they died instantly in the cruise missile blasts which killed “many scores more” than has previously reported - possibly well over 100 dead"
some background information from Pat Kesteron (LA?) who was at Yaroviv training centre previously

He posted the account and images on Instagram
2 more images from Patrick Kesterson

His linkedin profile confirms he was at Yavoriv in 2018
Mortars at Yavoriv CTC , June 16, 2017

"Ukrainian soldiers assigned to the 1st Airmobile Battalion, 79th Air Assault Brigade, adjust a mortar’s trajectory during a live-fire exercise at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center near Yavoriv"
Operation Atlantic Resolve

US Army continues to build up Ukrainian forces, training center ( June 2017)

The objective of the reform is "to have all key functions of defense forces transitioned to NATO standards before 2020" according to the Ukraine MOD"
US Soldiers deploy in support of Atlantic Resolve

(Nov. 16, 2017)

53rd Transportation Battalion (Movement Control)
Operation Atlantic Resolve Document now deleted from DoD website

but available here:

15 mentions of Ukraine in the Document
Clockwise from top left
173rd Airborne Brigade paratroopers arrive in Ukraine to train National Guard of Ukraine
Paratrooper briefs Ukrainian troops
Maj. Gen. William Gayler, center, deputy commander of U.S. Army Europe, briefed during live-fire exercise.
US PsyOps at Yavoriv Training Centre

Major Stuart Gallagher

(Special Operations Forces Planner)

“Reversing Trends for U.S. Army Psychological Operations & Civil Affairs Forces Deploying to Joint Multinational Readiness Center" (and JMTG - Ukraine)
Videos and Images
Polish, UK, Ukraine Security Alliance (Jan 2022)


UK had already provided to Ukraine — defensive weapons, training of 22,000 Ukrainian servicemen, and £88 mn of aid
The Ukraine "Foreign Legion" Volunteers

via Luka Ivan Jukic @lijukic

Mainly US, UK.
US paratroops train Ukrainian forces to take on Russian-backed militants

Ukrainian soldiers form up before ceremony marking beginning of joint U.S. & Ukrainian exercise Fearless Guardian in Yavoriv (April 2015)

Note building behind 2 Ukrainian soldiers
The building at Yaroviv that was bombed

(Man pointing is Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine with soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade)
UK NLAW Trainers (Jan 25, 2022)
Photo 7 days before the attack (March 13th 2022)

On March 6, #Zelensky 's councilor @Podolyak_M
took a selfie in the #Yavoriv training center with the foreign fighters behind him via @fratotolo2
Heavy Losses (US Forward Observations Group)

via @LeGwened9 and @JacquesFrre2
US Forward Observations Group (FOG)
Revealed – Austrians also fighting in the Ukraine war

The German retired soldier Peter:

"I was a member of the International Legion
There were around 800 to 1,000 foreign soldiers in my area
At least 100 soldiers were lying there & none of them got out"
The Sad Aftermath
Comment by Birgitsse

Console and PC games tricked the youth into thinking war was fun. That it is always clear who and where the enemy is and that you can always proceed tactically. You always have enough equipment and supplies....
Russia had 'insiders' among foreign fighters on Ukraine base where 3 Brits feared killed

an 'insider' purporting to be a foreign recruit for Ukraine was working for Russian spy agencies before an airstrike killed scores more than previously reported
A Russian Map of alleged US and NATO military installations in Ukraine, most of which have now been occupied or destroyed by Russian Forces

More details:

I'm sorry but I don't believe the lies being propagated about the attack on Yaroviv, amplified by western media, covered up by NATO and the countries from which the volunteers were drwan to their deaths .
One of the few accurate reports by @franks_chung

‘Unfair fight’: Foreign legion volunteers flee Ukraine after Russian missile strike on training base
Russians hit my training base last night, through the eyes of US Army veteran, Hieu:

“Some were professional soldiers & still competent, Others are drunks, people with the most marginal military experience & people who really should not have come at all”
unroll updated Yaroviv attack @threadreaderapp

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By greatly accelerating laboratory evolution, PACE may provide solutions to otherwise intractable directed evolution problems and address novel questions about molecular evolution.

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3. Github is Censorship proof, right?
It does not get deleted! But..
Arms get Twisted!
Please remember these brave young activists for creating a permanent record of censored news from the early days while CCP rewrites history

4. What a shock!
But thanks to the very nature of GitHub, "forks" and "clones" had been made & saved.
The best one is here:
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