Earlier named Bhuvaneshwar Ganapati.
There was a pond (Kulam in Tamil) near the mandir that was full of sand (manal).
So people started calling Manal Kulathu Vinayagar (Ganpati near sand pond) that later became Manakula Vinayagar.

This Ganpati mandir is the only one across India which is covered fully with gold on its tower.

The murti of Vinayagar is also unique as he is seen standing on 3 legs.

Wedding festival of Riddhi and Siddhi with Vinayagar is unique since it is celebrated only in this mandir.
A legend says that the French tried to destroy the mandir and threw the murti in the sea but when they came back, they found the murti back in the mandir in same position.

There is a golden Ratha here. Around 7.5 kg gold was used in making it at a cost of around 35 lakhs.

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