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Bannari Amman Kshetram is dedicated to Mariamman, known as the goddess of Rain. This divine place is located at the foothill of Thimbam.

Bannari Amman is a form of Shakti. The murti is swayambhu (self-manifested).

Some 300 years ago, cowherds used to leave cattle here for grazing. One day, a cow was seen shedding her milk under a Vengai tree. Next day also, the cow did the same thing. Villagers removed the thickly grown grass and found a sand-hill and Swayambu Linga near it.
It is believed that a deity protected traders from Kerala who travelled through this place to Mysore. Fascinated by the beautiful surroundings, she decided to stay here to protect devotees. A shrine was built and Bannari Mariamman is worshipped here since then.
Bannari Amman is the only shrine that faces the south direction. Instead of Vibhuti and Kumkuma, Bannari soil is given to the devotees. The Kundam festival (fire walk on heated charcoal) is most famous here.

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