1. Project 1742 (EcoHealth/DTRA)
Risks of bat-borne zoonotic diseases in Western Asia

Duration: 24/10/2018-23 /10/2019

Funding: $71,500

2. Bat Virus Database
Access to the database is limited only to those scientists participating in our ‘Bats and Coronaviruses’ project
Our intention is to eventually open up this database to the larger scientific community
3. EcoHealth Alliance & DTRA Asking for Trouble
One Health research project focused on characterizing bat diversity, bat coronavirus diversity and the risk of bat-borne zoonotic disease emergence in the region.
4. Phelps, Olival, Epstein, Karesh - EcoHealth/DTRA
5, Methods and Expected Outcomes
(Unexpected Outcome = New Coronavirus Pandemic)
6. Back after the Outage, wasn't me!
Dr. Kendra Phelps
7. Even the so-called "professional" bat researchers working for EcoHealth often fail to use proper PPE (masks, suits), despite being well aware of the risks of infection from bats since 2013, Here is Kendra Philips and her local colleagues
8. Some "wows" have animated me to add more tweets ;)
Bat Researchers have known since 2013 about bat to human direct transmission of viruses
Here is the full advice from "SEABCRU" prepared by Kevin Olival in Pnomh Penh 2013, updated 2015
9. The Full guidance for PPE is listed carefully under three sets, A, B and C.
10. Bat Research is a dangerous hobby!
11. Dead Bat Researchers
12. Many more similar stories
Infection and Death from European Bat Lissavirus (EBL)
A sad time for bats and bat biologists
13. On May 23, 2012, Assistant Professor Dr. Björn Martin Siemers died as a result of an infection, within only a few hours, and just two days before his 40th birthday.
14. More stories
Bats can infect humans with Rabies, Marburg, Nipah and many other viruses, some known others unknown.
15. Talking of Marburg - A Tragic Story
Ebola, Marburg, and a Real Life Cave of Death
16. General Official Advice:
Has always been "Never handle a bat with bare hands. Use thick gloves or call a bat removal expert to help you remove bats from your house"
But let's look at the so-called experts!
Please observe the hands...
17. The PPE Flow Chart for Bat Researchers
The details for each set (A, B, C) can be found in a previous tweet in this thread or here:
18. Now let's take a look at the Bat Researchers in action
1. Covered Arms - No!
2. Respirator/N95 Mask - No!
3. Gloves - No!
That is Kendra Phelps from EcoHealth showing us how not to follow their own advice, putting our lives at risk with our tax money, thanks to Fauci & Daszak
19. More Bat Research without Gloves
20. And more!
21. Half Way There, Professor!
22. Bare Arms!
23. The Reality of Bat Research in Yunnan
24. The Ecohealth/WIV Photo-shoots for the Media
25. Daszak's Propaganda Show
26. This what we know and what they know
27. What we know they do and how they do it
28. Old Headlines - Were They Right?
From way back in February 2020
29. unroll @threadreaderapp
30. Someone sent a video showing bat handling by Ecohealth:
and an interview with Kendra Phelps

More from Billy Bostickson 🏴👁&👁 🆓

1. High Probability of serial passaging in Transgenic Mice expressing hACE2 in genesis of SARS-COV-2!
2 papers:
Human–viral molecular mimicry
Molecular Mimicry

2. Must Read! Confirmation with supporting evidence via @flavinkins
"ONLY place where this thing could emerge, naturally or Artificially, is by passage in HUMANIZED MICE"

3. Springer Article

4. Takeaway most significant quotes from Springer Article, burn this into your brain:
"Such a peptide commonality is unexpected and highly improbable from a mathematical point of view"

5. One image to explain it all!
1. Messy Thread exploring connections between
@DARPA @doddtra PREDICT & @EcoHealthNYC
What happened to FLIRT?
EcoHealth Alliance analyzed all airports in the US by assessing how often passengers trickle in from areas with confirmed cases of Zika virus.

2. “I believe this is something that people should know,” said Andrew Huff, vice-president of group, who oversees efforts to forecast the spread of infectious diseases. “If you know where an infectious disease is, you can take precautions.”
Andrew Huff used to run their database

3. Andrew Huff
Data papers:
FLIRT (Zika)
MANTLE https://t.co/dBsFAixRXv

4. GRITS and EcoHealth Alliance and DTRA
Global Disease Warning Software - May 28, 2015
EcoHealth Alliance and its Partners Create Biosurveillance Application with $2.2 million grant from the DTRA to continue the development of disease warning software

Global Rapid Identification Tool System (GRITS) software developed with ProMED, International Society for Infectious Disease, & Kitware
Biosurveillance app that enables infectious disease analysts to monitor textual data sources for infectious disease threats in near real time.
Meet Yang Ruifu, CCP's biological weapons expert https://t.co/JjB9TLEO95 via @Gnews202064
Interesting expose of China's top bioweapons expert who oversaw fake pangolin research
Paper 1: https://t.co/TrXESKLYmJ
Paper 2:

Ruifu, obviously obsessed with PLAGUE,
is a friend of Oliver Pybus (one of the Holmes, Andersen, Rambaut, Lipkin Gang)
Oliver Pybus helped Ruifu pump out CCP Propaganda
see next tweet

Pybus and Ruifu
An investigation of transmission control measures during the first 50 days of the COVID-19 epidemic in China
China's control measures may have prevented 700,000 COVID-19

Email for academic queries:
[email protected] (H.T.);
[email protected] (C.D.); [email protected] (O.G.P.);
[email protected] (B.T.G.)
[email protected] (R.Y.)


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MASTER THREAD on Short Strangles.

Curated the best tweets from the best traders who are exceptional at managing strangles.

• Positional Strangles
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• Position Sizing
• How to do Adjustments
• Plenty of Examples
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How to sell Strangles in weekly expiry as explained by boss himself. @Mitesh_Engr

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Beautiful explanation on positional option selling by @Mitesh_Engr
Sir on how to sell low premium strangles yourself without paying anyone. This is a free mini course in

1st Live example of managing a strangle by Mitesh Sir. @Mitesh_Engr

• Sold Strangles 20% cap used
• Added 20% cap more when in profit
• Booked profitable leg and rolled up
• Kept rolling up profitable leg
• Booked loss in calls
• Sold only

2nd example by @Mitesh_Engr Sir on converting a directional trade into strangles. Option Sellers can use this for consistent profit.

• Identified a reversal and sold puts

• Puts decayed a lot

• When achieved 2% profit through puts then sold

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