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One of the most successful stock trader with special focus on cash stocks and who has a very creative mind to look out for opportunities in dark times

Covering one of the most unique set ups: Extended moves & Reversal plays

Time for a 🧵 to learn the above from @iManasArora

What qualifies for an extended move?

30-40% move in just 5-6 days is one example of extended move

How Manas used this info to book

Post that the plight of the

Example 2: Booking profits when the stock is extended from 10WMA

10WMA =

Another hack to identify extended move in a stock:

Too many green days!

The most practical & effective resources on option trading comes from real traders

THREAD: Playbook on option selling to grow your knowledge & P/L account

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal

1. Basics of Option selling

• The A,B,C,D one should be aware of before taking a plunge into option selling

2. @Mitesh_Engr Sir's process for positional option selling

3. How @Mitesh_Engr sells options on an

4. Transcript of @Mitesh_Engr Sir's “F&O Pe Charcha - Diary Of An Option

Look how it took support of the upward sloping black trendline