Few weeks ago @Ronak_Unadkat Sir conducted an exclusive session for me & @adityatodmal to explain how he trades.

He was kind enough to share all his trade strategies and was patient enough to answer our doubts.

Thought of making a 🧵for the benefit of the larger audience here.

@Ronak_Unadkat Sir's Option Selling Logic 🧵:
• Reversals in Intraday Option selling
• Strike Selection & SL
• Hedging for any Black Swan Event
• Positional Option selling
• Ratio Spreads
• How to manage the positions
• Capital mgmt

In collaboration with @AdityaTodmal
How to play reversals
• Always look at the chart as a starting point
• Spot the Swing low
• Sell Strikes 300-400 points below that swing low
• Buy a proper hedge
• Example on how to play reversals on Intraday
• Instead of the selling the support strike sell a bit far
• As the strike is far from the support you get enough cushion

• As soon as the SL is hit, you can exit the positions

• without your strike coming into ITM
• Greatest fear of any option seller is the Black Swan event

• Especially if that risk plays out overnight
• Importance of hedge over buying a margin

• Hedge is to protect your capital from any overnight adverse news/event - Black Swan
• How selling Rs. 45 option and buying a Rs. 15 option is a superior strategy

• than selling Rs. 30 option and buying a 5 Rs. Option or

• just selling a naked Rs. 30 option
• Hedging is an insurance premium paid to get a good nights sleep 😴

• And also to protect your capital from any extreme events 👹
• If hedging is too expensive for you, then here’s a hack
• Ratio spread strategy when moderately bullish & expecting a gap up
• Ratio spread strategy when strongly bullish & expecting a huge gap up
• Ratio spread strategy when neutral to slightly negative & expecting a flat to slight -ve opening
• Always important to book the buy legs first as theta works against in option buying
• Prefer to sell straddles in monthly over weekly as you have a huge range plus theta decay will work in your favour

• In weekly you will be caught adjusting due to gap up and gap down scenarios
• In case of gap down no need to worry on the spreads as they are in net credit or most likely at 0 cost
• Capital management is the key

• Keeping a buffer of 15-20% for any adjustments

• Always be aware of the total risk of your open positions

• Prefer a good nights sleep 😴 over watching SGX Nifty & Dow in the night 🥴📉📊

• Never jeopardize your capital & mental peace🤠
This was a 🧵on @Ronak_Unadkat Sir's option selling strategies curated & presented by




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The full story of || Dhruv ||

We’ll see How Dhruv occupied a fixed position in the northern sky?

I repeat “Untold Unsung now Unearthed”

Go through entire thread carefully.


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.... continuing from previous thread/story

O prince! Thus concentrate on that omnipotent eternal Lord with the mantra - ‘OM NAMO BHAGWATE VAASUDEVAAY’ .


The prince Dhruv greeted the sages and continued on his journey. At last, he reached a beautiful forest Madhuvan on the bank of the river Yamuna. It was the same forest, which was later occupied by a demon Madhu.

Shatrughana, the youngest brother of Sri Rama had killed demon Lavan, son of Madhu in the same forest & founded the township of Mathura. In the same forest, prince Dhruv decided to carry out his penance. As per the dictate of the sages, he began to recite the mantra continuously

Very soon, the earth began to move because of Dhruv’s severe penance. Even the seat of Indra could not remain stable. A stampede resulted among the gods. The gods then hatched a conspiracy to disturb the penance.