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7 Screener Ideas for Intraday Buying

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1) Buy a Gainer when bounce from VWAP

Condition apply to chart ink -

- Stock days' gain > 1%
- Candle Low < VWAP and Close > VWAP
- Now check chart manually

You will get list of stocks that are gainers and consolidated to bounce from VWAP

2) Near Day High

- Top gainers make 3-4 times new High in a day
- Best to enter when it break High of one wave
- Check charts manually after you get list

This screener gives you stocks that are near day High

Apply this with Time frame 3 or 15 min -

3) Stocks at Resistance -

Conditions to apply -

- Stock day's gain > 1%
- High of Last 3-4 candles is equal

Apply like this -

4) Bullish Engulfing -

Very Good Signal for Intraday buying any time frame

Here is the screener -

Change Time frame according to
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