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Open Question to fellow investors tracking Music Industry.

A business like Universal which controls more than 1/3rd of all published music globally is selling for less than 6x FY20 Sales.

Why are Indian businesses like Saregama / Tips selling for 11x, 20x their sales?

If I include all of the revenue generated by entire firm, its selling for ~4.5x FY20 Sales

Universal Listing Market Cap ~ 40 Billion USD
FY 20 Revenues ~ 8.87 B USD or 7.4B EUR

Catalogue of Music includes every international artist you can possibly name

Either Universal is grossly undervalued or Saregama/Tips are grossly overvalued.
Guess the Sector, that this company operates in.

ROCE 1 Yr: 32.7%
ROCE 3 Yr: 24.8%
ROE: 27.4%
ROE 3 Yr: 19%
Op Margin: 28.4%
Reserves: 32% of Current Market Cap
Debt: Nil
Profit CAGR 3Yrs: 54%
Debtor Days: 15
Inventory Turnover > 5
CFO YoY Increase : 160%

Some of you got it correct. Its Anjali Portland.
The company just acquired another cement company that will double the total sales immediately.

The acquisition was financed by adding debt, so interest costs from next quarter will go up but still great!

For a company that operates in a cyclical sector like cement!

What I liked is that the company was able to maintain the balance sheet and margins even in a down cycle.

With real estate sector reviving, this can be a great bet from here.

No recommendations, just an observation.

Market started re-rating the stock as soon as they announced acquisition.

Someone did some work on details of acquisition, sharing the thread