The 10 best AI businesses to start with ChatGPT right now:

AI is going to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030.

This is more than the current output of China and India combined.

Instead of thinking about what it will be like in a decade,

Here's how you can take advantage of the opportunity right now:
1/ Copywriting

In a few seconds you can write powerful sales copy that any company would be inclined to use.

Here's how you can start monetising and stand out:

• Create a Fiverr account
• Standard delivery is often 2-7 days for website copy
• Your delivery will be 2 hours
2/ Translation

Translators are often limited to 2-5 languages.

You know every language under the sun with ChatGPT.

You can offer your services to millions of people and output more work than would ever be humanly possible.
3/ Customer service

It's expensive for companies to hire customer service representatives.

You can start an agency to help these online businesses manage their customer service easily.

Find virtual assistants for $3-5 per hour and have them operate ChatGPT for you.
4/ SEO

It's difficult to come up with clever, persuasive ideas.

With ChatGPT, you can:

• A/B test page titles
• Get description variations
• Research keywords

It's your job to focus on tailoring it as value add content to outcompete and rank higher.
5/ Newsletter

You can start a newsletter agency and write newsletters for your clients every single day.

Jump in, make a few edits, and you're on your way.

I recommend leveraging virtual assistants to operate ChatGPT for you to increase your capacity to take on more clients.
6/ AI Tutor

Integrate ChatGPT into a chatbot so that users can interact with the tutor through natural language input and receive responses in real time.

Layer on additional functionality:

• Personalised learning paths
• Provide user recommendations
• Track progress
7/ Workout and nutrition plans

Generate personalised workout or nutrition plans based on user preferences:

• Fitness goals
• Preferred exercise type
• Physical limitations

Nutrition advice:

• Custom meal plans
• Food recommendations
• Nutritional information
8/ Storytelling

Develop a fictional continuation of a story you like.

Get access to different topics, plots and preferences.

It doesn't replace your imagination, it improves it.

Here's a plot continuation of the Harry Potter saga:
9/ Travel chatbot

Generate personalised travel recommendations and itineraries based on user input.

A user inputs their:

• Interests
• Budget
• Desired length of trip

ChatGPT will generate a customised list of recommended destinations and activities.
10/ Writing coach

Provide feedback on writing, suggesting revisions and offering guidance on grammar and style.

A user would input their writing into the chatbot and receive feedback for improvement in real-time.

The chatbot can be tailored to grammar, concision or clarity.
My advice: don't force yourself to come up with the next big startup idea.

Instead, keep your eyes and mind open to the problems and frustrations you encounter in your daily life.

These are the seeds of potential startups, waiting to be nurtured.
By solving problems that you personally experience, you increase the chances of creating a product that truly helps others.

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