So it's now October 10, 2018 and....Rod Rosenstein is STILL not fired.

He's STILL in charge of the Mueller investigation.

He's STILL refusing to hand over the McCabe memos.

He's STILL holding up the declassification of the #SpyGate documents & their release to the public.

I love a good cover story.......
The guy had a face-to-face with El Grande Trumpo himself on Air Force One just 2 days ago. Inside just about the most secure SCIF in the world.

And Trump came out of AF1 and gave ol' Rod a big thumbs up!

And so we're right back to 'that dirty rat Rosenstein!' 2 days later.
At this point it's clear some members of Congress are either in on this and helping the cover story or they haven't got a clue and are out in the cold.

Note the conflicting stories about 'Rosenstein cancelled meeting with Congress on Oct 11!"
First, rumors surfaced of a scheduled meeting on Oct. 11 between Rosenstein & members of Congress, and Rosenstein just cancelled it.
"Gee folks, looks lahk we might hafta SUBPOENA that sumbitch to git him in heah!"

And then all of a sudden...
Don't you just love chaos? "There was a meeting! He cancelled it!" "No no you're wrong, no meeting was ever scheduled!"

This is all deliberate. Nobody knows what's really going on, which is fantastic.

Trump's ENEMIES will never figure it out until it's too late.
How's the McCabe grand jury going? We don't know.
How's the hunt for the other leakers inside Congress that James Wolfe was leaking for? We don't know.
How's the progress on DOJ IG Horowitz's FISA Court Abuse report? We don't know.
How's the progress on the declassification/unredacting of the #SpyGate documents? We don't know.

Isn't glorious? We don't know...and Trump's enemies haven't got a clue either. They are completely in the dark. They don't know the timetable.
I've spent a year patiently explaining to everyone that demands to know 'When' and 'what's happening!' that Trump can't show YOU without showing JAMES COMEY, ANDREW MCCABE, SALLY YATES, JOHN BRENNAN and JAMES CLAPPER, among others.

Some people still reject this.
We're in October now. The election is less than 30 days away. And I'm now thinking Trump made a deal with Anthony Kennedy to open up that seat on the Supreme Court & get Kavanaugh in there because just before the election is when the big bombs start dropping.
With a 5-4 liberal majority, or a deadlocked 4-4 court, the coup plotters could expect SOME cover from the Supreme Court. A lot of fallout from #SpyGate is going to be legal, and there will be court cases, many of which will go right up to the Supreme Court.
Understand me on this: I've been saying for over a year the time of real DANGER for Trump & the country is LONG PAST.

Mueller's now desperately digging through the long-deceased Fred Trump's estate taxes, looking for something, ANYTHING he can find.
So no, Trump's been past the danger of being 'taken out' or impeached for a good while now.

Are they going to get away with it? How many will be indicted? How will they fare at trial? How long will the court cases take?

People far more intelligent & 'read in' to what's going on than I am are making these calls about the timing.



Leaving nothing to chance.

Leaving no avenue of escape.

And the huge red wave coming this November is only going to help draw the net around these thugs who abused their offices.





Read this thread, people. You can literally sense their panic, fear and hatred bleeding through your screen.

The Lefties are desperately virtue-signaling each other right now about Kanye West.

"So we all agree, right? Kanye's days of being any kind of celebrity or influencer in the black community ended long ago, right? RIGHT?! I MEAN THE DUDE IS CRAZY WE CAN ALL SEE THIS OK?!"

So here's the talking point on MSNBC right now: That somehow a CRAZY MENTALLY DISTURBED BLACK MAN was allowed into the White House and TRUMP EXPLOITED HIS MENTAL ILLNESS.
Here's the great thing: JW is eventually going to get those Benghazi emails. Don't know about getting Clinton & Co. to testify under oath, but all JW really needs is those emails.

The emails from Clinton's server on Benghazi are going to show:

1) they knew it was a AQ terrorist attack from the start
2) they decided to leave those people in Benghazi hanging out there on their own.

Since plenty of 'missing' Hillary Clinton emails have turned up [remember the 700,000 Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop? I do! *gigglesnort!*] you can bet they are covered in JW's FOIA lawsuit.

Reminder: Comey managed to BULLSHIT everybody that 'all' the emails had been reviewed using this cool new technique to sort through 700,000 emails in just a few days. Then this came out:

The fact that Comey claimed his crack FBI team - with Peter Sztrok on it! managed to review 700,000 emails in a marathan 12 hour span was clearly bullshit.

And now it's been proven to be bullshit.




As Wictor was saying, this was an attempt to frame the Saudis. Guy connected to an AQ terrorist who attempted to ASSASSINATE Mohommad Bin Salman is the *source* for these Kashoggi stories.

If this had been known *from the beginning* we wouldn't have gotte 3 days of media hysteria over an attempt to frame Mohmmad Bin Salman and Saudi Arabia for Kashoggi's disappearance.

The media's MAIN SOURCE for these stories about the disappearance of Khashoggi is an underling of the Al Queda guy that tried to ASSASSINATE the Saudi's Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman a few years ago.

The media has been HIDING this until now....
So let's see a show of hands: how many of you even knew Huber was digging into the Clinton Foundation? While he was assisting Horowitz in his digging into the FISC/Steele Dossier/Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie/DNC/Hillary campaign stuff?

I'm sure Huber is coming to DC *only* to discuss Clinton Foundation things with Meadows and his committee.

He for certain, like, won't be huddling with Horowitz or that new guy, Whitaker while he's in town. That would NEVER HAPPEN. [wink wink wink!] 😉

I just spent a year and a half telling you they will SHOW YOU what they are REALLY DOING when they are READY.

Not before.

No matter how much whining is done about it.

I'm exhausted but it's worth it.

Now you know why they're f**king TERRIFIED of Whitaker, the closer tapped by Trump to come in late for the hysterical fireworks that will ensue soon.

Look who's suddenly fund raising for his legal defen- er, I mean, ha ha - his reelection campaign!

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